‘Super Smash Bros.’ Fanart: ‘Smash’ fighters have been reimagined as bears and it’s flattering glorious

July 4, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

I’ve been around Tumblr prolonged adequate to know that if there’s a fandom, there’s going to be bizarre fanart that comes from it. At initial blush, this Super Smash Bros. fanart is that kind of “Tumblr Weird.” But let me tell you, these “BearsionatedSmash Bros. bears by Leo Leus are all we didn’t know we indispensable until now.

And, in loyal Mic fashion, let’s inspect any of these huggable Smash Bros. bears.

Super Smash Bros. Fanart: Mario

Source: Leo/Tumblr

Mario’s not only shirtless — he’s tatted adult and looking tough. He’s a kind of bear who’d be growly on a outside, yet would twist adult subsequent to we in bed and graze in like an tangible teddy bear. we see you, Mario. You’re too feathery to be aggro for long.

Super Smash Bros. Fanart: Luigi

Source: Leo/Tumblr

Luigi is easily tattooed, generally in comparison to his brother, yet he certain as sugarine isn’t wearing a whole lot. What we have here is a quintessential bear disposition out of a window of a Pumpjack Pub on Davie Street in Vancouver: winking during a boys as they travel by and charity to buy drinks for a cutest ones.

(Not crazy about a boots, though. Take a evidence from your bro on this, Luigi.)

Super Smash Bros. Fanart: Donkey Kong

Source: Leo/Tumblr

We can’t skip a buttress impression of a Nintendo universe: Donkey Kong. Everyone’s favorite chimpanzee is now a bear! And he couldn’t be some-more darling in his banana-printed undies. we gamble he’d give a best hugs ever.

Super Smash Bros. Fanart: Link from The Legend of Zelda

Source: Leo/Tumblr

I consider that Link’s bear-state is substantially my favorite of a bunch. I’ve famous dudes to dress like this, yet nothing had a honeyed Hylian design stamped on his chest. There’s something so receptive about this chronicle of Link. we wouldn’t mind sitting on a beach somewhere and celebration drink with him — while divided a afternoon articulate about birds and his query to save Hyrule.

Super Smash Bros. Fanart: Yoshi

Source: Leo/Tumblr

Yoshi is though a doubt my favorite Mario Bros. character. His soft, downy amiibo occupies a special place in my office. He’s customarily my go-to in Mario Kart. And this hairy cutie (with a daisy tattoo on his knee, no less) would be a kind of man to go dancing until 3 o’clock in a morning and afterwards twist adult to watch a morning on a park bench, palm in hand.

Super Smash Bros. Fanart: Jigglypuff from Pokémon

Source: Leo/Tumblr

Jigglypuff should be singing we to sleep, yet who can nap when a lullaby borders on genocide metal? (Or maybe Jiggly’s profitable reverence to Babymetal, in that case, lift on.) There is positively no critique we can make about his illusory ensemble. we would headbang in a assembly during his concert. Sing on, Jiggly. You’re over fab.

You can perspective a rest of a Smash Bros. “bearsionated” collection on Tumblr. Thank you, dear Leo. Thank we for gifting a universe with this bear-y pleasing fanart.

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