Super Smash Bros. Combo Contest Was Full Of Incredible Trick Plays

August 17, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Con, a multiple competition and gathering focused on a Super Smash Bros. fighting diversion series, kicked off this weekend’s festivities with a absurd uncover of ability famous simply as a Combo Contest. Inspired by a NBA’s Dunk Contest, this muster invites some of a many artistic Super Smash Bros. players to showcase a lengthy, flashy, and officious nasty combos they’ve come adult with in a franchise’s initial Nintendo 64 release.

Despite removing off to a comparatively delayed start, any player’s skill was put on arrangement as shortly as a combo competition began. Eduardo “tacos” Tovar and Tomas “Kort” Keselik forsaken a gauntlet early on, a former pausing to dump an object mid-combo while sophistry his manikin competition and a latter utilizing a glitch famous as a “invisible bomb” to supplement a bit of aptitude to his aerial Link combo.

The judges were fair, yet stranded to a predicted pattern; where Super Smash Bros. pros like Yoshua “Dext3r” Peral Castillo, Daniel “SuPeRbOoMfAn” Hoyt, and Joel “Isai” Alvarado consistently gave reduce scores on a 10-point scale due to their believe of a game, D’Ron “D1” Maingrette and Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma were a bit some-more kindly with how they judged a entrants. The above Yoshi combo, for instance, perceived a measure of 8 from any decider in a former group, while a latter gave him a span of nines.


The genuine sorcery began when final year’s champion stepped adult to a plate. Prince, a Japanese actor famous for his artistic Yoshi combos, immediately went to work arrangement what a artless dinosaur can grasp in his means hands. By regulating a lava underneath Super Smash Bros.’ Planet Zebes stage, Prince was means to effectively fibre together a handful of aerial attacks by bouncing a training manikin off a locus hazard. Naturally, a throng went nuts.

Prince’s prevalence was a unchanging thesis via a whole contest. His subsequent bid saw him collect adult Metroid heroine Samus Aran and perform a bit of setup previously to safeguard a many optimal combo. First, he charged a annuity hunter’s appetite shot to a fullest, permitting him to reason it for after use. Then, he forsaken dual fan equipment into a stage, that can be used as m�lange weapons or tossed as projectiles. And finally, he waited until a Piranha Plant theatre jeopardy was in a ideal position to juggle his training dummy.

The result? We’ll usually let a video next pronounce for itself.

Even yet he seemed primed to collect adult his second true combo trophy, Prince roughly met his compare in Mexican actor Arturo “Mariguas” Núñez Hernández. After defeating Kort in a turn 3 tiebreaker with a notoriously formidable Pikachu combo, Mariguas pennyless out fan favorite Captain Falcon for one of a event’s longest strings.

However, dropping a combo on a really final strike expected influenced his measure with some of a sticklers on a judging panel, and Prince survived for one some-more turn with another setup-heavy combo. While he couldn’t finish a combo to his possess satisfaction, what Prince achieved during a time extent was adequate to lift him to a finals.

In a end, all came down to one some-more illusory Prince combo. After Mariguas unsuccessful to showcase anything estimable with his time, Prince returned with a Pikachu arrangement that put even his prior Yoshi combo to shame. By regulating a immature building on a Hyrule Castle stage, Prince bounced a training manikin regularly before permitting it to transport median opposite a stage. From there, all he indispensable to do was teleport to a tiny platform, send a competition airborne, and land one final Thunder conflict to sign a deal. Easy, right?

Prince’s final combo perceived an altogether measure of 47 out of a probable 50, a second-highest measure after his initial Yoshi combo, that was given a near-perfect 49. In fact, nothing of a other players were means to mangle even his lowest measure over a march of a event, serve cementing his bequest as one of a many artistic Super Smash Bros. players in a world.


This arrange of eventuality is something that could usually be achieved with Super Smash Bros. due to a approach a array handles combos. Where games like Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Guilty Gear are lax adequate that competitors can customarily mix crazy conflict strings, Smash is mostly seen as a many freeform of a vital fighting diversion franchises due to a accumulation of transformation options and, in after iterations, a defensive options accessible to characters being attacked.

Super Smash Con has set itself detached from a unchanging competition stage with events like a Combo Contest. While a stage is dominated by Super Smash Bros. Melee, a players invited to attend in this singular showcase stole some of that spotlight for themselves, arrangement that even a Smash recover that started it all has a lot to offer fans of high-level play and parsimonious execution.

For some-more combo craziness, be certain to check out a full eventuality archive pleasantness of VG Bootcamp.

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