Super Smash Bros 4 Character Update: Shantae DLC Is Wanted By Everyone, But …

July 30, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros 4 character DLC comes in many shapes and sizes. From a genetic counterpart Pokémon Mewtwo to Street Fighter’s really possess Ryu, roughly anyone is satisfactory diversion to be an further to SSB4. This includes WayForward’s Shantae. And no one wants that some-more than…IMDb?

It all started late Thursday night. Shantae’s voice singer Cristina Valenzuela posted to Twitter a following:



Pretty trusting tweet, right? Many others suspicion so as well, until IMDb users followed a couple and saw something really interesting…

super pound bros 4 shantae dlc
Shantae in Smash Bros? Hmm…
(Photo: Twitter)


In further to her voice credits of Sailor Mars and Kill La Kill’s Rei Hououmaru, we see her Shantae work as a categorical character. But not usually in WayForward’s games, though in — we guessed it — Super Smash Bros 4 itself. 

Smash Bros Shantae DLC Confirmed?! Not Quite…

Shantae might really good be entrance to Super Smash Bros 4, though this IMDb failure doesn’t indeed exhibit much. For one, even if Ms. Valenzuela is concerned in bringing Shantae to Smash, there’s no approach she would blow a warn on a Internet and risk violation an NDA. 

Furthermore, modifying a Internet Movie Database is apparently not that hard. It’s probable an overzealous Smash Bros actor saw a chatter and took this event to drum adult some hype. Vee claimed after that night that she “didn’t supplement that credit, nor have we listened anything about Shantae in Smash.” Followed by a fact that she was “removing it now.” Though during a time of this writing, a Smash Bros Shantae credit remains visible

super pound bros 4 shantae download
Shantae is still partial of Smash Bros, during a time of this writing
(Photo: IMDb)

Shinto might not be reliable Smash Bros 4 character DLC, though WayForward has done transparent a position on a issue. The Shantae developers really wish their impression to go adult opposite Mario and organisation on a Smash battlefield. Judging by this chatter from WayForward’s Matt Bozon or even this Kickstarter post to titillate fans to opinion for Shantae in a ballot, it seems a usually one that stays to be assured is Sakurai. We’ll know where he and his Smash Bros group stands on Oct. 3.


Would we wish to see Shantae make her approach to the Super Smash Bros arena? Which third-party impression DLC should come before her? Sound off below!

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