Super Smash Bros 4 Character DLC: Bomberman, Shantae, Shovel Knight & More …

July 23, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

Many Super Smash Bros 4 characters have been combined around DLC, yet a best new further to the Smash Bros regulation is arguably a Fighter Ballot. Allowing fans to opinion for who they’d like to see in Smash brings fans that most closer to receiving a impression they indeed want. Even yet we’ve been propitious adequate to accept aged favorites like Mewtwo and newcomers like Ryu, there’s always room for uninformed faces on a Smash Bros 4 battlefield. Especially third-party fighters.

This is what make’s YouTube’s Artsy Omni’s Smashified array so engaging to watch. The artist takes Fighter Ballot frontrunners and mocks adult how they would demeanour as Super Smash Bros 4 DLC. Adhering closely to a game’s strange art style, Omni’s work is utterly impressive. If you’re still reading this divide stop and only check out a Bomberman video next already. 


If we commend Artsy Omni’s work it’s substantially given he had we fooled during a Rayman leaks progressing this year. After leaking a final breeze of his Smash Bros Rayman DLC mockup, Omni expelled a video display only how he did it. Repeat a routine N times and we have yourself a web series. 

The biggest thing about that video is that there are 7 some-more only like it. And we get your choice of only song or with explanation from Artsy Omni on sketch adult a art, because they chose a impression and other info. We enclosed a Super Smash Bros 4 character mockups below. If we cite but Omni and friends’ vocals, head here.

Some of a choices are apparent inclusions. Shovel Knight and Banjo Kazooie are transparent standouts in a Fighter Ballot (we assume, given no one indeed knows). Other inaugurated art projects are for reduction renouned entrants like Namco mascot Klonoa or Mother 4’s Travis.

In any case, we’re repelled you’re still reading this. We’ve enclosed a Smash Bros 4 Smashified impression DLC array below. Choose a favorite and watch away:


List Of Potential Smash 4 Characters Smashified

Banjo Kazooie



King K. Rool



Shovel Knight


Would we like to see these fighters turn central Super Smash Bros 4 characters? Who would we like to see Smashified? Sound off next in a comments!


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