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August 15, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

Upcoming Super Smash Bros 4 character DLC is a many critical doubt symbol surrounding a diversion right now. But we can’t forget any SSB4 character’s analogous amiibo. The NFC toys concede we to buy adult your favorite characters, sight them like Pokémon and array them opposite one another or by your side in battle. Yet while a initial call of Smash Bros amiibo done their approach to gamers behind in Nov of 2014, roughly a year after Nintendo is still solemnly doling out fighters’ analogous figurines. Talk about creation ’em wait for it.

While renouned Smash Bros characters like Toon Link and Ness have already been release, other entrants like Zero Suit Samus or Mr. Game Watch still have nonetheless to strike store shelves. The good news a remaining Smash Bros 4 amiibo will be expelled by a finish of a year. Well, many of them. Here are a dates we can design for amiibo that have been confirmed: 

Bowser Jr – Sept 2015

bowser jr amiibo
Bowser Jr. Amiibo
(Photo: Nintendo)

Dr. Mario – Sept 2015

dr mario amiibo
Dr. Mario amiibo
(Photo: Nintendo)

Duck Hunt Dog – Sept 2015

duck hunt dog amiibo
Duck Hunt Dog amiibo
(Photo: Nintendo)

Falco – Holiday 2015

falco amiibo
Falco amiibo
(Photo: Nintendo)

Ganondorf – Sept 2015

ganondorf amiibo
Ganondorf amiibo
(Photo: Nintendo)

Mii Brawler – Sept 2015

mii soldier amiibo
Mii Brawler amiibo
(Photo: Nintendo)

Mii Gunner – Sept 2015

mii gunner amiibo
Mii Gunner Amiibo
(Photo: Nintendo)

Mii Sowrdfighter – Sept 2015

mii swordfighter amiibo
Mii Sowrdfighter amiibo
(Photo: Nintendo)

Mr. Game Watch – Sept 2015

mr diversion and watch amiibo
Mr. Game Watch amiibo
(Photo: Nintendo)

Olimar – Sept 2015

olimar amiibo
Olimar amiibo
(Photo: Nintendo)

R.O.B. – Sept 2015

rob amiibo
R.O.B. amiibo
(Photo: Nintendo)

Zero Suit Samus – Sept 2015

zero fit samus amiibo
Zero Suit Samus amiibo
(Photo: Nintendo)

What About Smash Bros DLC Amiibo?

super pound bros 4 roy ryu amiibo recover date
Roy and Ryu amiibo are coming
(Photo: Nintendo)

So, here’s a thing. Lucas, Mewtwo, Roy and Ryu are all Smash Bros 4 characters now that they’ve been expelled as downloadable content. But launch dates for their amiibo have nonetheless to be announced (aside from Mewtwo, though that’s in Europe). Sakurai has confirmed, however, that amiibo for the Smash Bros characters will indeed be coming. This leads us to trust that destiny DLC will accept amiibo as well. 

With a Smash Bros Fighter Ballot finale in October, we’re firm to see an additional playable impression or even multiple. And with a introduction of new fighters will come their amiibo as well. Following a call 6 amiibo in September, we wouldn’t be astounded if call 7 was done accessible as a amiibo pack. 

But even but a Smash Bros line of amiibo, there are still many some-more to come. Between a Yarn Yoshi amiibo, a 30th anniversary Mario amiibo, and a entrance Animal Crossing NFC cards, there’s most for Nintendo console owners to demeanour brazen to. 


Are we looking brazen to a entrance amiibo after this year? Which Super Smash Bros 4 characters will we be picking up? Sound off next in a comments!

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