‘Super Smash Bros. 4’ Bayonetta And Corrin Tips: How To Fight With The Last DLC Characters [VIDEO]

February 5, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

Bayonetta and Fire Emblem’s Corrin are a latest and final DLC characters in Super Smash Bros. 4 for a Wii U and Nintendo 3DS and while players waited awhile to squeeze a dual new fighters, a time spent with any will certainly make adult for it.

Both fighters are singular in their possess ways, and while we are still anticipating a best ways to quarrel with Corrin and Bayonetta, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to mastering personification with a final Super Smash Bros. DLC  characters.


corrin super pound bros
Corrin is prepared to join a ‘Super Smash Bros’ quarrel on Feb. 3
Nintendo/Yusuke Kozaki

The sixth(!) Fire Emblem is Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates and this latest swordsman (or lady if we prefer) has a energy of dragons on his side.


First off, Corrin isn’t as fast/nimble as Lucina or Marth yet isn’t as hard-hitting as Roy or Ike. The approach Corrin moves around reminds us of Robin.

Corrin might be stronger than Lucina or Marth yet Corrin’s conflict speed leaves many to be desired. You’ll have to cruise this when aggressive and change your plan when confronting faster opponents.

Since Corrin uses a sword and a lance, a strikes are not as discerning so you’ll have to time it right.

A good pretence to note is Corrin’s aerial behind A attack. This will let Corrin thrive wings to strengthen we from any competition who wishes to conflict from behind. This, however, is good to give Corrin an additional burst to make it to a ledge.


Corrin’s Side Smash lets him use his dragonlance to conflict a opponent. This is one of a longest ranged attacks in all of Super Smash Bros. And like Marth, a tip of a sword is where it’s many powerful. Consider this when rising your pound attack.

CorrinForwardSmash bros
Corrin’s side pound conflict in Super Smash Bros

Corrin’s Down Smash uses a pierce in a front and a sword from a back. It’s always good to have a Down Smash conflict that covers both your behind and front yet be heedful that a sword conflict on your behind side is brief so a competition will have to be tighten adequate to be hit.

The Up Smash allows Corrin to renovate his conduct to a dragon and thrive horns that can conflict any airborne enemy. Again, this conflict doesn’t have a largest operation so be intelligent when regulating it. Use it too shortly and you’ll be far-reaching open.


Corrin’s customary special allows him to launch a H2O round from his hands. You can assign this to understanding limit damage. Every strike paralyzes a enemy, yet a generation depends on how prolonged you’ve charged a attack.

It’s also good to note that after each launch of a H2O ball, a dragon hands munch down usually in box an competition dodges a conflict yet isn’t wakeful of how tighten they get. This munch can also be charged.

CorrinstandB super pound bros
Corrin’s customary special in Super Smash Bros

The Dragon Lunge is Corrin’s Side Special and has Corrin burst brazen before trenchant a rivalry with his lance. If we hang a pierce into a belligerent we can reason Corrin up, we can even pin down opponents to a ground.

This allows Corrin to possibly brazen kick, behind kick, burst or cancel. So once we pin down an enemy, we can perform a brazen flog to understanding additional damage. Choose formed on a conditions you’re in, yet this special gives Corrin a lot of options to conflict and defend.

CorrinSideB super pound bros
Corrin’s side special in Super Smash Bros

Dragon Ascent is Corrin’s Up Special and is Corin’s primary liberation technique. But it’s not usually for recovery, Dragon Ascent can be used to conflict airborne enemies or even conflict enemies from possibly side on a ground.

You can change a arena of Corrin’s launch when regulating Dragon Ascent so consider about it before behaving a attack.

And finally, Corrin’s Down Special is his opposite attack. When timed correctly, Corrin will stop an conflict and renovate into a dragon, rising a rivalry into a air. The H2O stream that sprouts from possibly side of Corrin gives this conflict some operation and can conflict mixed enemies.

CorrinDownB super pound bros
Corrin’s Down special in Super Smash Bros

However, a timing of Counter Surge needs to be some-more accurate than Marth or Lucina’s opposite attacks. Keep practicing and you’ll get a timing right.

Here’s Corrin’s relapse from a Dec Nintendo Direct pleasantness of GameXplain .


bayonetta super pound bros
Original design for Bayonetta’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros.
Eiji Funahashi (PlatinumGames)

Probably a many unusual, and controversial , further to Super Smash Bros. 4 is nothing other than Bayonetta. The umbra magician joins a quarrel with an array of attacks and infamous combos and from a initial proclamation video, she seemed like a challenging opponent.


The initial thing you’d wish to know about Bayonetta is that she is unequivocally light. Almost each complicated strike sends her flying, no matter who is traffic it. That’s a initial thing you’ll need to know about Bayonetta. You’ll need to select wisely when we wish to conflict and how we wish to go about fighting an opponent.

We’ll get into this aspect in some-more fact when we speak about her Smash Attacks and Specials.

With all that said, Bayonetta hits VERY tough yet is unequivocally agile. Her moves and movements are identical to Zero Suit Samus. You can launch yourself and get vital atmosphere and her attacks are discerning and easy to combo into.

If we find yourself in tighten range, launch your punches, that will perform a nifty combo that racks adult a repairs and gives we a stretch we need to perform some of your specials.

You can also reason down your attacks to launch your bullet humanities to understanding additional damage.

Also, like Zero Suit Samus Bayonetta has a DOWN A conflict when you’re in a atmosphere that launches we downward. Bayonetta will perform a heel dump conflict that can unequivocally understanding additional repairs and can finish off some of Bayonetta’s considerable aerial combos.


Bayonetta’s Smash attacks strike unequivocally unequivocally hard. She summons a limbs of her Madama Butterfly demon to understanding repairs from another dimension. However, these Smash attacks are a tad slower so timing is a pivotal since Bayonetta is left far-reaching open once they are performed.

The brazen Smash conflict is a easiest kills prohibited for Bayonetta as a witch’s fist drives forward. But this can be avoided and you’ll be open for attack.

Her Up Smash is a good anti-air conflict since it’s not indeed Bayonetta behaving a conflict a Up Smash can cancel out any probability of a tie or arms priority from a probable Down A attack. You can also use this to strike opponents who are fibbing down watchful to hurl divided from attacks.

BayonettaUpSmash super pound bros
Bayonetta’s Up Smash conflict in Super Smash Bros

Bayonetta’s Down Smash has her witch’s feet come down and perform a meteor smash. Use this conflict to locate opponent’s perplexing to strech a edge and meteor pound them to their deaths. You can also perform this conflict to finish off any competition who likes to reason onto a ledge.  


Bayonetta’s Standard B is her Bullet Climax. Like Fox, Bayonetta will fire a fusillade of bullets during a opponent. These won’t delayed down your competition so be certain we have stretch before using.

BayoStandB super pound bros
Bayonetta’s customary special conflict in Super Smash Bros.

You can also assign Bullet Climax to understanding some-more repairs and delayed down a opponent. It should also be remarkable that a bullets don’t unequivocally go in a true line yet bend upwards. Use this understanding additional chip repairs while your competition tries to get behind onto a battlefield.

bayonetta magician time super smash
Bayonetta regulating her Witch Time conflict in Super Smash Bros.

Bayonetta’s Down Special is her Witch Time ability. This acts as a opposite so you’ll need accurate timing to activate it. It usually works on one competition during a time so be heedful of mixed opponents.

Also, a length of time that is slowed down depends on a opponent’s health. The aloft a repairs they have perceived a longer they will stay in Witch Time. You also have to watch out for steady use of Witch Time. Consecutive usese will digest a time no matter how many repairs a rivalry has.

But if your timing is on indicate all a time, Bayonetta will still hedge attacks if we are late.

Bayonetta’s Side Special is her Heel Slide that acts like Captain Falcon’s Side Special. Bayonetta launches herself opposite a floor, that we can afterwards flog your competition upwards to start a nasty aerial combo.

If we perform this special in a air, we can slip opposite a air. This is a good liberation tactic that we can also perform again if needed.

Press DOWN after behaving a aerial Side Special and we can flog diagonally and if we are used to regulating Ryu’s Hadouken commands, afterwards we can flog a competition adult in a atmosphere to start a combo.

Bayonetta’s Up Special is her Witch Twist and it can be used to launch yourself true in a air. The good thing about this Special is we can pierce immediately after regulating it, distinct a lot of a character’s Up Specials. So we can indeed use a Witch Twist twice to go even higher. this is ideal for recovering

Like all of Bayonetta’s attacks, holding down a B symbol after behaving a Witch Twist will concede her to fire bullets upwards.

Be discreet though, a some-more moves achieved after a initial Witch Twist will leave Bayonetta some-more exposed to attacks.

Check out Bayonetta’s relapse from a Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct in Dec. 2015 interjection to GameXplain .

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