Super Smash Bros 3DS final smashes, compared to Brawl

September 17, 2014 - Super Smash Bros

Warning: this post contains intensity spoilers for Super Smash Bros. 3DS tip characters.

Youtube user Master0fHyrule has only posted a video that sum maestro characters’ new “final smash” moves from a arriving 3DS title, comparing them to their Super Smash Bros. Brawl counterparts.

Final smashes are egotistic special moves, accessible when a actor destroys a special item, a pound ball. Each is character-specific, and deals large damage.

Of a bunch, Kirby substantially has a many thespian change. His Brawl pierce was “cook Kirby,” a deeply unfortunate movement (if we consider about it), wherein Kirby put all of his opponents in a pot and boiled them. In a new game, he hits a antithesis with an Ultra Sword. Zero Suit Samus’ pierce is arguably a many sparkling — she now gets into a gunship and mows down opponents with unconventional cannon fire.

But it’s Luigi’s new final pound that shows a many intensity improvement. In Brawl, he had a weird “negative zone” effect, though here, Luigi straps on a super powered Poltergust machine, sucks his enemies in, and shoots them out, as if from a rocket.

After a year of Luigi, and his antics ridin’ unwashed in Mario Kart 8, Luigi is simply not messing around anymore.

Super Smash Bros. 3DS is due out on Oct. 3.

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