Stickless Super Smash Bros. Controller by Hitbox Declared Legal For Tournament Use

December 29, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

I’m not an zealous Super Smash Bros. player, so I’m not certain what advantage a SmashBox stickless controller by Hitbox would give a competitor. At slightest one competitor in a arriving Genesis 4 Super Smash Bros. contest will be regulating it though, now that eventuality organizer Sheridan Zalewski has announced that a controller is approved.

Genesis 4 eventuality organizer Sheridan Zalewski settled that a stipend of a SmashBox controller would be a “test period” in that players and judges can establish either controllers like a SmashBox give players an astray advantage over those regulating customary controllers.

Dustin Huffer, a controller’s creator, is relocating brazen with a crowdfunding debate for a SmashBox. The entrance of a SmashBox could be a emergence of a new breakthrough of customized controllers in Smash Bros. tournaments. However, it stays to be seen if controllers like a Hitbox SmashBox will be authorised in tournaments over a prolonged term.

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