SoCal’s s2j delivers during The Big House 6 crews

October 9, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

Day 1 of The Big House 6 came to a tighten with Southern California repeating as a “Super Smash Bros. Melee” informal crews champion. SoCal’s players achieved good during opposite moments, though no one shined brighter than Tempo Storm’s Johnny “s2j” Kim.

In Round 1 opposite Maryland/Virginia, he started as a lead actor and took out 8 bonds — dual players’ value out of 5 players for any organisation — before losing to Kashan “Chillindude” Kahn. The lead snowballed into an easy win for SoCal.

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  • In a hotly contested conflict with Europe in semifinals, SoCal’s McCain “MacD” LaVelle combined a tiny lead for s2j going into a final compare of a organisation battle. In a daunting anchor position, s2j indispensable to tighten out a organisation conflict by fighting William “Leffen” Hjelte, who is deliberate one of a 6 best players in a world. Even with a one batch advantage, s2j confessed, “I attempted to stay as ease as probable in this harrowing situation, though it was difficult.”

    The lead left after Leffen executed a genocide combo to tie a batch count. In a final batch situation, s2j was nervous, though let his knowledge lift through. “After Leffen did a large combo, we went behind to what works for me in practice. He didn’t play well, and we found some openings to win,” he said.

    After a slight win over Europe, SoCal would play Florida in finals. Florida pulled an early lead as Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman still had one batch left after defeating Joseph “Mango” Marquez. The group called on a stylish Captain Falcon categorical once again and s2j delivered. He took Mew2King’s final batch on an unconsidered mistake, and Florida motionless to compare s2j with their possess Captain Falcon, Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett.

    Historically, Wizzrobe and s2j have had tighten sets, though s2j felt that he had a top palm this time around. He explained, “I had a good review on Wizzy. Even when we done mistakes, we felt assured and it paid off when it mattered most.” The duel went neck and neck, though s2j had a final giggle as he pulled a “Johnny stock” — a technique where he takes an competition from no repairs to genocide with usually one combo — to finish Wizzrobe and take a lead for SoCal.

    Falling behind, Florida sent Colin “Colbol” Green to quarrel s2j, though done a essential mistake in selecting Yoshi’s Story as a counter-pick stage. “When they picked Yoshi’s Story, we felt relieved. Normally that’s a bad Falcon stage, though we adore it. Also, Marth is one of my favorite players to play against. we felt really comfortable,” s2j explained.

    With usually one batch remaining, s2j took 3 of Colbol’s bonds and close down Florida’s possibility to win; he had taken out 8 bonds sum from a hostile crew. Weston “Westballz” Dennis came in after to purify out Colbol’s final batch and with a organisation battles for SoCal for a second year in a row.

    Throughout any organisation battle, s2j built leads, overcame group deficits and anchored a group in essential moments. Melee singles continues by a weekend during The Big House 6, and s2j’s opening in crews might have given him a outrageous certainty boost for a rest of a event.

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