Smasher Mike Haze joins Obey Alliance

October 19, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

Oct 10, 2016

Southern California Super Smash Bros. Melee actor Michael “Mike Haze” Pulido has sealed with Obey Alliance, a renouned gaming YouTube network and esports team. Mike Haze will start competing underneath a Obey Alliance ensign in Smash competitions as good as emanate content, something he’s turn famous for on his own, with a team.

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  • “Obey recently has focused a growth into a universe of esports,” Obey Alliance CEO Julian Castro tells ESPN about a team’s new pickup. “We have been evaluating a stage as good as a several communities that flower within it. When coming a Smash scene, we desired a passion and loyalty of a players and a fan bases around it. During a scouting process, we ran opposite Mike, who from a start was appealing given his professionalism and value as an individual. Not usually is he a good competitor, though he also has a good following behind him with a clever passion of flourishing himself as an entertainer.”

    Mike Haze is now ranked 40th on a Melee It On Me annual Super Smash Bros Melee rankings, as good as fifth in a Southern California rankings next a likes of Joseph “Mang0” Marquez, Weston “Westballz” Dennis, Johnny “S2J” Kim, and Joey “Lucky” Aldama. This year, he took 25th during Genesis 3, 17th during Get On My Level 2016, 25th during Evolution 2016, and 33rd during final weekend’s The Big House 6.

    “I had a few opposite options to select from though motionless to go with Obey since of a passion we felt from everybody I’ve oral with,” Mike Haze tells ESPN. “They truly caring about their esports players and we feel that form of passion will make for a good attribute between myself and Obey. we positively consider being with Obey will assistance me grow into a improved actor overall. Being a partial of a group creates competing a lot some-more highlight free. It feels good to know I’ll be means to deposit my time entirely into a diversion though additional outward pressure.”

    Outside of competition, he is also famous for calm creation. For a past few years, Mike Haze has combined tutorials in several Smash games as good as hosted a Elite Four contest array in Southern California. Recently, he’s turn famous for his diss marks surrounding rivalries in a Smash scene.

    He hopes to move some of that talent to Obey Alliance, who have essentially been a YouTube common for several calm creators, essentially in gaming.

    “[We’ve] oral about potentially producing calm for a group channel so I’ve been brainstorming ideas for singular and enchanting calm for those who competence know about Smash though don’t indispensably follow a game,” Mike Haze says.

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