Smash Pro Narrowly Wins After Missed Ledge Grab

December 3, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

Two masters of their possess impression met final night in a 2GG Championship, as a strife between a best Sonic and best Link came down to a final second and a singular hit’s value of damage.

Kengo “Ken” Suzuki and Isami “T” Ikeda are dual of Japan’s biggest member in these Super Smash Bros. For Wii U championships, representing both their segment and impression of choice on a general stage. While Ikeda’s Link has copiousness of tricks adult his sleeves, Suzuki’s Sonic is one of a some-more irritating playstyles to beat—a sleazy hit-and-run impression befitting to time-outs and keep-away.


In a determining compare of a array between these two, it came down to a really final second.

As Suzuki went underneath a theatre and behind adult to a other side, he uses his up-B pierce to try and squeeze a ledge, giving him a few changed seconds of invincibility. But Suzuki’s pierce doesn’t snap to a edge like it should, and either according to devise or not, he floats in a atmosphere for a brief second right in front of Ikeda.

In that moment, all Ikeda had to do was strike Suzuki and a diversion would have expected been his for a taking. But Ikeda, like a commentators and spectators, didn’t design that overshot of a arena. In Super Smash Bros., characters customarily snap to a edge when they jump towards it, solely this one time. So Ikeda is left examination as Sonic flits in front of him and lands behind on a ledge, losing even some-more time and, eventually, a game.


Suzuki changed on to a tip eight, a mark in a championship joint secured, while Ikeda goes home during 4th in a group. The games start adult again after today, as a organisation stages continue to make a container down to a really best that Smash has to offer in this year-end championship.

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