The Super Smash Bros. array has always been a video diversion homogeneous of outstanding your movement sum together to make them fight. Mario dukes it out with Link. Samus teams adult with Mewtwo. It’s a gamer’s fantasy, and any entrance brings a probability of even some-more new characters. On that front, a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster is a bit of a disappointment — yet it looks like that competence change before a game’s recover this December.

The issue, if we haven’t been profitable attention, is that Nintendo usually combined twin new characters to a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, instead opting to pierce behind each aged warrior from a prior games. Plenty of fans are still holding out wish that a association could have a few surprises in store, and a new trickle seems to advise that’s a case.

This new news comes from 4Chan (spotted on Facebook by Twin Galaxies), that isn’t accurately a many creditable source of information. We’d take these new impression rumors with a healthy sip of skepticism, yet during a really slightest it’s an engaging demeanour during how some long-rumored additions to a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate register competence play.

That’s since a leaker claims to be in hit with a Nintendo worker on a graphics group for Smash Bros. Ultimate. The source allegedly suggested that 6 new characters are still set to join a register (along with an additional 4 Echo Fighters). That’s 10 total, and that’s not even including any post-release additions that could come in a form of paid downloadable content.

The leaker goes on to fact a accurate movesets from 4 of those characters. Here’s what they explain to know about a arriving game.

New Nintendo Characters: Geno and King K. Rool

These additions come from a check that Nintendo put out a few years earlier, seeking fans that characters they many wanted to see in a game. Other renouned options that didn’t make it allegedly embody Bandana Dee and Chibi Robo, yet instead we might get Geno from Super Mario RPG and King K. Rool from a Donkey Kong series.

Geno’s been a renouned ask for a prolonged time, even yet a hexed doll impression has usually seemed in a integrate of Nintendo games. His moveset will allegedly come directly from Super Mario RPG and embody Geno Beam, Geno Whirl, Geno Flash. His liberation might also use a Geno Blast, yet glow it downward for an additional jump.

Here’s Geno in movement in Super Mario RPG:

As for King K. Rool, a crocodile has been a long-time counter of Donkey Kong, so Nintendo has copiousness of games to pull impulse from. According to this leak, his moves embody Crown Throw, Blunderbuss (an old-timey gun), and a helicopter container for recovery. He’s also got a pierce identical to Bowser where he jumps adult and comes crashing down onto an enemy’s head, and his final pound will dump cannonballs opposite a stage.

Here’s King K. Rool in action:

Third-Party Additions: Yuri Lowell and Travis Touchdown

Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia was also apparently a tip collect in Nintendo’s poll, interjection to his recognition in Japan. His sword-heavy attacks allegedly come from that game, and embody Azure Edge, Ghost Wolf, Destruction Field, Wailing Havoc, Shining Fang, Lone Wolf Charge, Crushing Eagle. His final pound could also be a scripted cutscene called Heavenly Bladewing where he wields a hulk sword.

Here’s Yuri in action:

Finally, it looks like Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes could be fasten a fight, during slightest according to this purported leaker who claims Metal Gear array developer Hideo Kojima most begged Nintendo to embody a character. Travis Touchdown’s moves will apparently make use of his Blood Berry (a unconventional lamp katana) and a Rose Nasties (dual lamp katanas from a second game). His customary special could be Blueberry Cheese Brownie (an conflict that lets him fire waves of appetite from his primary weapon), and his final pound could serve a hulk sword-wielding mech named Glastonbury

Here’s Travis in action:

Before we get too vehement about holding on Mario and Link as Travis Touchdown or Geno, remember that this is only a rough 4Chan leak, not an central exhibit from Nintendo. That doesn’t meant we shouldn’t be psyched, only don’t get too invested in any of these rumored characters in box they spin out to be only that: rumors.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches Dec 7 for Nintendo Switch.