It’s been one month given Nintendo’s large Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal during E3 2018, though a diversion won’t strictly launch until December 7. That leaves copiousness of time for a association to exhibit any formerly unannounced characters that could be entrance to a roster, though it looks like a initial new challengers competence be coming even earlier than expected.

Nintendo recently common a livestream video from a central YouTube channel, where it was spotted by Reddit user jacebeleran98. The video is set to go live on Jul 15 during 10 p.m. Eastern, and while a placeholder picture shows a trademark for Mario Tennis Aces a video outline clearly reads “Game: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

A severe Google interpretation of a video’s tide pretension reads, “Aim for 3 uninterrupted wins! Winning Challenge In Jump Victory Carnival 2018 Tokyo Venue,” that sounds like it’s referring to some arrange of live tournament. So what does it all mean?

‘Super Smash Bros’ Ultimate New Characters: A Mario Tennis Connection?

Well, presumption that Nintendo is holding a video diversion contest in Japan, it could be a ideal event to announce a new impression (or two) for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. On Reddit, one fan suggests that a Mario Tennis tie means we could finally be removing Waluigi as a playable fighter, given he creatively debuted in Mario Tennis for a Nintendo 64.

Another Reddit user advise Chain Chomp could be a latest further to a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate register given a Mario impression also appears in Mario Tennis Aces. Then again, It’s misleading how accurately a hulk round and sequence would duty in a fighting game. So maybe not.

‘‘Super Smash Bros’ Ultimate New Characters: Team DK

Interestingly, this isn’t a initial we’ve listened of a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate display function in July. Earlier this month, a 4Chan leak likely that Nintendo could flog off 11 new impression reveals with a “mini direct” in Jul to betray dual new fighters.

The trickle didn’t exhibit who they were, though refers to them by a codenames “King” and “Ponytail.” These clues have sparked copiousness of speculation, though a prevalent speculation is that we could be removing dual new characters from a Donkey Kong universe: King K. Rool (“King”) and Dixie Kong (“ponytail”).

Of course, that’s only a best guess. Nintendo could announce a totally astonishing further to a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate register during a arriving live stream. Or it competence not announce anything during all. We’ll only have to wait and see.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches Dec 7 for Nintendo Switch.