A distinguished Super Smash Bros. contest organizer has stepped down from this month’s Apex 2015 contest in a arise of passionate nuisance allegations. Jonathan “Alex Strife” Lugo is no longer concerned with a arriving tournament, Apex reliable in a matter on a SmashBoards.

“At this time, Alex Strife will be stepping down from his duties during Apex. We will be relocating brazen with Apex 2015,” a association said. “As it stands Apex 2015 is a largest Smash Brothers contest ever and a Apex staff hopes to move we a best knowledge we can.”

Apex, now in a sixth year, has vital skeleton for this year’s event–it recently announced a partnership with Nintendo of America for a tournament. The eventuality will be hold Jan 30-February 1 in Secaucus, New Jersey.

The passionate nuisance allegations opposite Lugo, that embody claims that Lugo sent unwashed messages to women as immature as 14, flush over a weekend, and are summed adult in this Kotaku post.

Lugo could not be reached for comment. However, Apex’s amicable media coordination told Kotaku that a preference for Lugo to leave Apex was mutual.

“Team Apex and Alex Strife done a mutual preference that he will step down from Apex,” a deputy said. “No Apex members were wakeful of any of these allegations that became public. Alex has done no comment. That’s all we can contend during this point, thanks.”

GameSpot has contacted Nintendo of America for criticism per either a allegations of bungle will impact a company’s impasse with a event.

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