Smash Bros. Switch: 10 New Characters Nintendo Must Add

April 12, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

Hot off a heels of a splendorous launch year for a latest console, a Big N intends to follow fit in 2018 with a raft of eagerly-awaited exclusives, including a supplement to a premier fighting diversion series.

Super Smash Bros. will make a Switch entrance after this year and, interjection to Ninty’s delicious teaser trailer, we already have a clever thought of that large names will be returning (as good as acknowledgment of a initial new characters in a form of Splatoon’s Inklings), though what other freshly-baked treats is Nintendo stealing adult a sleeves, prepared and watchful to be unveiled, one by one, over a entrance months?

Some outrageous additions to a family have arrived given Smash’s final tour and, given Breath of a Wild and Super Mario Odyssey’s exile success, Nintendo will be approaching to deliver characters formed on both into a mix, though it’s not usually a latest and biggest creations that merit shade time.

Fan favourites such as Metroid’s Ridley and Luigi’s purple-loving doppelganger have surfaced wishlists ever given a series’ recognition took off and there’s usually so prolonged Nintendo can spin a blind eye to their popularity. But remember, also, that not each new further has to be a first-party creation.

Who knows, with a certain mythological RPG array due to entrance on Switch subsequent month, there could good be a sun-worshipping fruit loop fasten a movement after this year.

The possibilities are (almost) endless.

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