Smash Bros. Sells Better On 3DS Than Wii U

February 1, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

Yesterday’s Nintendo financial report suggested that Super Smash Bros. for a Wii U sole 3.43 million fewer copies than a same diversion on a 3DS. It’s a startling inequality deliberation that Smash 4 is a franchise’s initial handheld incarnation and a diversion has traditionally been played on a home console.


The 3DS’s 50% sales clean is tough to parse. Since a game’s 3DS release, fans have complained that a Smash wrecks their round pad, works feeble with a handheld’s ABXY symbol layout, can’t utilize a Circle Pad Pro, is laggy (especially for some-more combo-heavy characters) and, players say, is still shitty to play online opposite friends or strangers. The Wii U also facilities several diversion modes and stages that 3DS players can’t access.

And, frankly, Smash is meant to be played locally with friends. I’m sorry. It’s true.


There are a few intensity explanations, though. Nintendo primarily expelled Smash 4 on a 3DS. People vehement about a diversion might have rushed to squeeze it immediately and neglected a Wii U chronicle when it came out dual months later, notwithstanding a higher graphics. Why buy dual versions of a same game?

Also, a 3DS hardware simply did better. Compared to a Wii U’s unimpressive 13.56 million units sold, a 3DS (which had several models) sole 65.3 million. Curiously, on a Wii, that sole 101.6 million units, Nintendo pushed 13.2 million copies of Smash Bros. Brawl—the homogeneous of Smash 4 on a 3DS and Wii U combined.

Maybe a reason is a tiny some-more whimsical. When we acted a doubt to Kotaku staff, uncanny break match Michael Fahey told me, “I elite it on a 3DS, where my disaster was tiny and tough to notice.”

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