Smash Bros. Players Rally In Defense Of Diddy Kong

January 27, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

Smash Bros. Players Rally In Defense Of Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong has turn a many divisive impression in a new Super Smash Bros. ever given rival players picked adult on a primate’s formidable fighting strength. His power as a warrior to kick sparked a newly exhilarated discuss this week when one pro Smasher blamed a game’s village for a whole Diddy upset.

The evidence that re-fanned a abandon of Smash’s ongoing Diddy Kong debate came from “Omni,” a Smash player and video celebrity who published an aptly-named malediction on YouTube yesterday that insisted: “Diddy is innocent.” Omni’s video fast done a approach to a front page of Smashboards and a Smash Bros. subreddit, where many others have assimilated into a fray. You can watch a strange thing here:

Omni’s executive indicate in a video is that there’s unequivocally 0 special about Diddy Kong or a fact that he fast became a top-tier impression in a new Smash Bros. What is new, in his view, is a altogether Smash community’s clearly infirm response to it. Whereas behind in a good aged days of Melee or Brawl players would usually tough out imbalances in impression pattern until a bigger and improved opposite was discovered, now he thinks players have grown too accustomed to sitting behind and watchful for Nintendo to arrange things out with a patch to a game.

“People cried about Sheik,” Omni pronounced in a video when deliberating a GameCube-era Smash title Melee, “who radically dictates a Melee tier list, given she could chain-grab 0 to genocide about half a cast, creation half of them obsolete.”

“But many of it fell on deaf ears,” Omni continued, “because we were still a grassroots community. All that was left for us was to go on Smashboards and disagree forever, or usually play a damn game.”

In other words: a problem isn’t Diddy Kong. It’s a Smash Bros. community’s perception of Diddy Kong as an indomitable challenge. What I’ve found engaging about a accepting to Omni’s is that many others, including large names in a Smash competitive community, seem to agree. The pro actor Zero, for instance, who’d initial kicked adult critique of Diddy final year when he pronounced a Kong was “killing a game,” wrote a stirring invulnerability of a man as a criticism on Omni’s video:

Smash Bros. Players Rally In Defense Of Diddy Kong

Others assimilated in a ravel on Smashboards to make a identical point:

Smash Bros. Players Rally In Defense Of Diddy Kong

And hearken behind to Brawl or Melee as Omni did to remind their associate Smash-ers that these games have always seemed to have a few characters that mount out from a rest of a pack:

Smash Bros. Players Rally In Defense Of Diddy Kong

Acknowledging that not all Smash Bros. characters are combined equal, joined a fact that a new Super Smash Bros. has usually been around for a few months, creates claims that Diddy Kong should be private from tournaments or rival play sound some-more than a small ridiculous, others said:

Smash Bros. Players Rally In Defense Of Diddy Kong

It’s formidable to consider how wide-spread Smash players’ issues with Diddy Kong unequivocally are, given gibberish like this on Reddit and Smashboards is routinely indifferent for a subset of a game’s many ardent and competitively-inclined fans. But a tangible disappointment with criticisms against Diddy Kong is revelation in a possess way, we think.

Competitive players and Smash fans competence still have problems with Diddy Kong’s place in a new game. But a reason that Omni’s video struck a haughtiness with a game’s online village is given his evidence bright a most bigger concern: that a singular imperfectly offset impression could finish adult souring fans’ perspective of a diversion as a whole.

People are still finding hidden tricks and magnificently modernized techniques for a new Smash on a unchanging basis, after all. That find routine is a large partial of a fun for many players. And while nobody’s unclosed a surefire approach to best Diddy Kong yet, players like Zero and Omni are arguing that, really, a game’s village shouldn’t feel such an strident need to do so anyways. At this early a theatre in a new Smash generation, even rival matches are still contrast a elemental boundary of a diversion most in a same approach that pros do when they examination with, say, character lag. None of these discoveries on a possess competence be adequate to put Diddy Kong in his place, though that’s not unequivocally a point. The skill of a routine itself is what players are fervent to reason onto as a approach forward—a approach out of internecine debates about either or not a sold impression has “ruined” a diversion as a whole.

“Don’t let Diddy Kong hurt this game,” a common logic goes. The usually doubt that remains, then, is how to make certain that he doesn’t.

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