Smash Bros. Players Infuriated Over Surprise Rule Tweak At Big Tournament

January 27, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

Although Super Smash Bros Melee sealed out this weekend’s Genesis 4 with a bang, a cloud of debate hangs over a foe due to order complications during a Super Smash Bros. for Wii U finals. The competitors many influenced are looking for answers and, maybe many surprisingly, remuneration for a compare errors they encountered.


The initial signs of difficulty arose during a losers joint conflict between Japanese caller Rei “Komorikiri” Furukawa and “Captain Zack” Lauth. Both players had clawed their approach by a exhausting weekend opposite 1,000 of their associate competitors and were now faced with elimination. On a line: a smaller apportionment of a over $10,000 esteem pool, should they remove one some-more match. But as Komorikiri saw his foe life come to an finish during a hands of a 3-1 defeat, concerns were lifted that a essential gameplay environment was altered during their match.

“Damage Ratio” in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U sounds like a flattering candid metric, though it indeed affects how many knockback is practical to each conflict (and knockback affects how simply players are killed.) Tournament standards call for this environment to stay during a default 1.0x, though it was inexplicably altered to 0.9x someday before Komorikiri and Captain Zack’s bout. Sensing something was awry, Komorikiri asked a settings be checked after a fact, heading to a postponement in foe and row between a players and foe organizers.


The throng was sympathetic. Cries of “Run it back!” rang by a San Jose Civic Center as Komorikiri pleaded his case, and a powers that be seemed to agree. Instead of permitting a whole best-of-five to be replayed, however, settlement was handed down that usually a final diversion of a set would be repeated, returning a measure to 2-1 in Captain Zack’s favor. Despite this consolation, Komorikiri was still separated and, visibly jarred by a ordeal, refused to shake his opponent’s palm after a fact.

“Once we start a subsequent game, we are usurpation a outcome of a prior and can’t foe it. Standard gaming rule,” Genesis 4 organizer Sheridan “Dr. Z” Zalewski settled on Twitter thereafter as a approach to cut by a confusion. Unfortunately, this still remained a indicate of row for a village not used to traffic with such a scenario, and despite further clarification by foe staff, it was still misleading who was to censure for a error.

At first, a organizers stood entirely behind their setups. The group members obliged for a Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament, they said, had double-checked a settings before a match, fixation suspicion on a player-based blunder by Komorikiri. But notwithstanding their assertions, some-more justification to a discordant began to raise in as progressing footage was analyzed.


Immediately following Genesis’ preference in a Komorikiri match, Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby claimed that his quarrel with Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios previously had also been influenced by a inadequate knockback setting. While this primarily seemed like elementary green grapes from a actor dissapoint they had been separated from a vital competition, Smash scientists fast proved that wasn’t a box by replicating specific scenarios that upheld his claim.

“This wasn’t a actor error,” Dabuz pronounced in a Twitlonger explaining a events that transpired. “Neither ZeRo or myself altered a settings. We played underneath a arrogance that a veteran foe classification would set a manners correctly, that we consider is some-more than a satisfactory arrogance during this form of event.”

After ceaselessly insisting a discordant as a eventuality progressed, Genesis has given taken full responsibility for a issues that arose during a Super Smash Bros. for Wii U competition. But that’s small satisfaction for a players many influenced by a settings error.



“I’ve mislaid all of my passion for this game,” Komorikiri pronounced shortly after his compare ended. “”It’s not that we hatred Smash, we still wish to play. But right now, we don’t feel fun or delight though fear when we play. So I’ve motionless to take a break. we don’t know for how long. But for me to get absolved of this feeling, we consider we should still be concerned with this diversion and community, so we will be. I’m really contemptible for creation everybody worry.”

Dabuz, on a other hand, has a many opposite take on a weekend’s events, seeking that Genesis recompense them for their troubles. “At a finish of a day, I’m upset. we feel like we was robbed, like my time was squandered and we didn’t get a possibility to continue proof myself. we consider all losses associated to a foe should be reimbursed; it’s a usually satisfactory approach to make it adult to us given it is not a error of a players, though instead of a eventuality runners.”

It might sound like a fantastic request, though there is fashion within a fighting diversion village (if not privately Smash foe itself) for such compensation. After a identical oversight caused a handful of Street Fighter IV matches to be replayed during NorCal Regionals 2015, foe conduct John Choi charity to compensate tip actor Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue’s approach to a destiny eventuality of his choice after a formula of his compare were a usually to be reversed.


While an central matter from a Genesis foe staff is still forthcoming, a round is resolutely in their justice per these hapless circumstances. Whether or not they determine to Dabuz’s ask stays to be seen, though it’s transparent that central manners need to be put in place for destiny scenarios. This has been a training knowledge for a whole Smash community, and they should usually turn stronger since of it.

UPDATE 1/25 9:29 AM: The foe organizers are indeed charity to remuneration to a players concerned in this story.

Japanese translations c/o Source Gaming.



Ian Walker is a fighting diversion consultant and freelance writer. You can find him on Twitter during @iantothemax.

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