Smash Bros Player Is Still Beating World Records In Melee’s Home Run Contest

July 20, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

Gif edited from Captain Falcon universe record video around Twitter

The Home Run Contest mode in Super Smash Brothers looks straightforward. You select one of a game’s fighters and face off opposite an unfeeling sandbag. As a 10-second timer depends down, we try to inflict as many repairs as probable on a bag. Depending on how many repairs we lot out, a bag could finish adult drifting several thousand feet. But if we wish to kick a universe record with any impression in a Home Run Contest, afterwards you’re going to have to learn some radical strategies that have taken years for players to discover.

The Home Run Contest initial seemed in Super Smash Brothers: Melee, a 16-year-old diversion that still has adequate of a rival bottom to consequence a continued coming in a Evolution Championship Series, a world’s largest fighting games tournament. There’s also still a rival stage for Melee’s Home Run Contest, though it’s many smaller. So many smaller, in fact, that there’s unequivocally usually one actor value observant these days: Mike “Typo” Bassett.


This past weekend, as top Melee pros duked it out in a Evo finals, Typo was during home, also anticipating new ways to hook SSB: Melee to his will. There are still universe annals left to kick in Melee’s Home Run Contest, and Typo has been chipping divided during them, bit by bit.

Melee has 25 characters, any with their possess fanciful universe annals for attack a sandbag a certain distance. That said, 11,347.2 feet is a limit length of a track. Ganondorf can grasp that score, and a Ice Climbers can also grasp it by a use of a glitch, so there are mixed players who have “tied” for a universe record with those characters. The rest of a game’s fighters have some-more fanciful shake room when it comes to anticipating over distances to strike a bag.


Last Wednesday, Typo announced on Twitter that he’d found a new plan that could assistance him grasp a new universe record with Link in Melee’s Home Run Contest. It concerned unequivocally specific timing with a Home Run bat. Typo explained to Compete that a sandbag “goes over when we strike it with a tip… we knew a strat was probable and we kept removing completions, though we kept attack with a wrong territory of a bat.”


On Sunday night, he achieved his goal, thereby upping Link’s Melee HRC universe record from 3,570 feet to 3,591.6 feet:

Who hold a before universe record? Typo himself, behind when he was 16 years old. Today, Typo is roughly 25.

“There aren’t unequivocally any good players active anymore besides me,” Typo told Compete, although he hopes that could change. “The subsequent era of players (if there is one) is stream rival Melee players.” Typo is best famous in a Smash stage as the mind behind Home Run Controllers, a use for pro players who find controller repairs and modifications, desirous by his possess controllers carrying seen a lot of wear and rip interjection to a repeated motions compulsory to acquire annals in Home Run Contest. (UPDATE 3:46 pm ET: Typo now works with controller and console modding association Mute City Customs, alongside Tyler “NFreak” Morrow and Garrett “Serisium” Greenwood.)


Typo wasn’t always a usually vital actor in a HRC scene. Many of a Melee universe annals got placed by a Japanese actor who went by a hoop Sin2324. Although Sin2324 deleted his YouTube channel and left from a internet years ago, his universe record videos have been archived by other fans, and Typo’s still perplexing to kick many of them. The remaining members of a HRC village keep lane of these numbers and their attendant video explanation in a Google Doc. At this point, many of a annals in a request have possibly Sin or Typo’s hoop (“tipo mastr”) subsequent to them:

A screenshot of a HRC community’s Google doc, featuring a Melee universe annals as of Jul 16, 2017. (via Mike Bassett)

The Home Run Contest village gifted a bang in a mid-2000s, and Typo theorizes that this was due to a arise of online video tutorials: “Players could learn roughly all a information they indispensable about a plan usually by examination a video on YouTube,” he said. By a time Melee’s controversial supplement Super Smash Brothers: Brawl came out in 2008, a HRC stage had strike a plateau. “The Melee track went from a tolerably active territory of a mythological Smash site Allisbrawl to being relegated to a tiny Discord village and a Google Document with scores.”


When he was 16, Typo “had a lot of giveaway time” to spend chipping divided during a HRC records. He didn’t have that many giveaway time again until 2015, after completing his undergraduate degree. He afterwards returned to Melee’s Home Run Contest in aspiring and set about his try to kick a past universe annals placed by himself and other HRC fans in a decade prior. This past summer, he began streaming his efforts on his Twitch channel.

Typo has managed to kick several of these annals given returning to a HRC grind. Last November, Typo documented leading a universe record stretch for Captain Falcon, creatively hold by Sin2324:

On a heels of Typo’s feat of a Falcon universe record, a Smash a Record 2016 gaming marathon invited him to perform a live speedrun of Melee’s Home Run Contest. For a event, Typo attempted to strech a accumulative 100,000 feet of sandbag stretch as fast as possible. After achieving his 100,000 feet goal, Typo went on to uncover a throng a other tricks of a Home Run Contest, such as a Ice Climbers’ “freeze glitch,” that allows a sandbag to go a limit probable stretch of 11,347.2 feet:

Typo will lapse to Smash a Record again this Sep for another showcase of his Home Run Contest skills. As for because he’s still preoccupied by a single-player mini-game in a 16-year-old fighting game, Typo told Compete that he usually wants to uncover his super-specialized skills to a world: “I’m good during something that a vast partial of this village has usually ever unequivocally seen from a fringes; it’s been a blast stuffing people in on all a sum of one actor mode that exists.”



Right now, there’s no one out there perplexing to kick Typo’s universe records—or if there is, he has nonetheless to find them. His categorical foe is a array of decade-old times, and himself. But if we wish to learn how to kick Typo, he’ll be a initial to share all of his secrets in his live Twitch broadcasts.

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