Six Super Smash Bros. Fighter Hopefuls We’re Disappointed Didn’t Make The Cut

October 5, 2014 - Super Smash Bros

Since a commencement of 2012, we’ve created 3 opposite facilities about who we wish to see in Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and Wii U. Some of a hopes found delight – many did not. These are a characters we wanted to see that we’re many unhappy don’t seem in a game.

Shortly after a exhibit of Namco Bandai as a Super Smash Bros. developer, I put together a list of Namco Bandai characters we wanted to see in a game. Of that list, Pac-Man was a usually prophecy that done it into a game, nonetheless these are dual (four technically) we am quite unhappy didn’t make a final cut.

The Prince and/or The King of Cosmos
The King of Cosmos substantially wouldn’t work as a fighter, if his distance was to be accurate, nonetheless he could have done an overwhelming theatre or an support trophy. The Prince’s distance would have also been a concern, nonetheless he could have during slightest rolled around an reasonably sized Katamari to conflict fighters with. I’m unhappy a twin doesn’t make some kind of cameo in a game.

Monkey and/or Trip
Enslaved: Odyssey to a West has reached a arrange of cult status, and we count myself as partial of that cult. Monkey substantially would have been a improved choice between a dual options as Tripp is some-more a smarts of a operation. we doubt we’ll ever see Dragon Ball Z’s Goku seem in a Super Smash Bros., nonetheless Monkey could have served as a identical substitute regulating his cloud as a third burst and his staff to strike people out of a park.

In July, Ben Reeves put together a list of basically unfit Super Smash Bros. inclusions. None of a characters on that list seem in Super Smash Bros., nonetheless we had no picturesque expectancy they would for many of them. A few though, however, we had some wish for.

Simon Belmont
With Solid Snake’s on loan from Konami for Brawl, as good as guest characters like Sonic a Hedgehog from Sega and Mega Man from Capcom, a Castlevania cameo seemed unequivocally likely. Simon Belmontis a apparent choice deliberation his NES roots, and his whip would be ideal for Smash Bros. combat. Unfortunately, he, or any other Castlevania protagonist for that matter, has done a cut yet.

Rayman seems to have a unequivocally gentle attribute with Nintendo. Rayman Raving Rabbids was a outrageous strike on a Wii, and Rayman Legends was in growth exclusively for Wii U for a duration of time. Mario wardrobe can also be used in Rayman Legends on Wii U, that also seemed to indicate some grander relationship. Unfortunately, Rayman is nowhere to be seen.

In Jan 2012, Ben Reeves, Jeff Cork, Ben Hanson, Tim Turi, and former editor Dan Ryckert put together a vast underline detailing fighters, stages, items, and other inclusions we’d like to see. Here we likely a inclusion of Miis, Bowser Jr., Mega Man, and roughly likely Mac (we wanted Doc). We also asked for a Mega Man 2 stage, a Find Mii stage, a Tanooki Suit power-up, and a breeze bellows item, all that seem in a game. Many of a hopes and predictions on that list didn’t make it though, and these are some we’re many unhappy about.

We, optimistically gave Waluigi an 89% possibility of appearing as a warrior in Super Smash Bros., so we can suppose a beating when it was revealed he would usually be an support trophy, and not a loyal fighter. He unequivocally seems like a shoe-in, nonetheless he keeps removing pushed aside. Mario and Luigi can both enclose Waluigi’s colors (see above), nonetheless it’s only not a same.

Quote of Cave Story celebrity does not go to Nintendo, nonetheless he gained a lot of prominence when his diversion was expelled for a Wii. Whether he seemed in pixelated form a bit like Mr. Game Watch, a closer to his judgment art, like a picture above, he would have done a good shooter character, and he could have used his jetpack as a third jump.

All wish is not mislaid of course, as a Wii U chronicle of Super Smash Bros. is still on a approach during some indicate (we still don’t know a recover date). Smash Bros. executive Masuhiro Sakurai has heavily pragmatic that a register will not change between a dual games, nonetheless who knows! There could be some surprises in a Wii U’s final release.

For a examination of Super Smash Bros. 3DS, head here. You can also watch a documentary, Smashed: The Guinness Marathon Documentary, about Game Informer’s record-setting Guinness marathon where editors played Super Smash Bros. Brawl for 27 hours below.

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