Settle It In Space With Super Smash Bros. Starbound Mod

September 5, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

By Jenni . Sep 4, 2015 . 10:30am



Last time we talked about Starbound, we went over a lengths dual people went to in sequence to put Mega Man into a game. This time, we get to see people dress like iconic Super Smash Bros. characters as they try a universe. Lends a whole new definition to “Subspace Emissary,” doesn’t it?


The Super Smash Bros. Starbound mod was done by SomeRandomPerson and consists of a flourishing library of craftable costumes. Once someone creates a Yarn Spinner hire in a diversion out of wood, they can emanate clothes that creates their characters demeanour like one of 9 characters from Nintendo’s series. Updates are planned, though during a impulse Ike, Link, Little Mac, Mega Man, Rosalina, Roy, Shulk, Solid Snake, and a Wii Fit Trainer are in a pack. These costumes will also seem in both offline and online adventures.


Installing a Super Smash Bros costumes in Starbound is simple. Open adult path-finder and go by a Program Files, Steam, SteamApps, Common, Starbound, and giraffe_storage folders to get to a mods folder. Drag and dump everything in a mod’s zip file into there and you’re set.

Let’s wish this Starbound mod plan continues to go well. It’d be good to see a whole Super Smash Bros. cast.

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