See Super Smash Bros. Theme Performed By Guitar Legend John Petrucci

February 1, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

You have substantially listened a Super Mario Bros. thesis lonesome on guitar many, many times already. It’s really renouned on YouTube. But have we ever seen John Petrucci, a mythological prog stone guitarist from Dream Theater, perform a song? Now we can.

Petrucci seemed in a new FamilyJules video on YouTube and ripped out a abrasive delivery of one of gaming’s many iconic songs. “Mario will never be a same,” Petrucci pronounced on Twitter. As you’ll see, Petrucci not usually nails a categorical thesis though he also launches into a solo in a middle, sweep-picking and drumming in a approach that usually Petrucci can. He also appears to be regulating a Mario pick. Check out a considerable video below; it’s also accessible on Spotify.

Petrucci is deliberate by many to be one of a biggest guitarists to have ever lived. He is best famous for Dream Theater though he is also a first member of Liquid Tension Experiment.

Looking for another Super Mario Bros. cover? Here’s a rad video of a classical strain removing heavier with a thumping drum cover by Andrew Fleming.

The newest Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey, launched in Oct 2017 and has already sole some-more than 9 million copies.

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