Rumor: Third Parties ‘Heavily Represented’ in New Super Smash Bros.

March 31, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

It goes though observant that Super Smash Bros. is one of a many expected Nintendo Switch exclusives of a year. Even yet we know really small about it, a extraction of a authorization has left Nintendo fans really vehement to see what a new diversion will move to a table. We are still watchful on central sum from Nintendo, though one gossip points to a new diversion featuring a lot of third-party characters.

This Super Smash Bros. gossip comes from “industry insider” Marcus Sellars, who has been “leaking” information on a arriving game. Sellars does not yield justification for his claims, though says he “independently verified” a information with his sources. In a since-removed tweet, Sellars pronounced that “third parties will be heavily represented” in a arriving game.

It’s value indicating out that Sellars was presumably fed this information from a Twitter user and Twitch pennon named ConnorEatsPants in an try to display Sellars as a leaker of feign news. As formerly stated, Sellars insists that he “independently verified” a information, though in light a ConnorEatsPants situation, fans should provide this gossip as roughly positively fake until proven otherwise.

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However, if a new Super Smash Bros. diversion for a Nintendo Switch did embody some-more third-party characters than before, it wouldn’t be surprising. After all, past games have enclosed a likes of Bayonetta, Sonic a Hedgehog, Snake from Metal Gear Solid, and even Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7.

If Nintendo is formulation on bringing third-party characters to Super Smash Bros. on a Nintendo Switch, a doubt remains, who could it be? Besides returning third-party characters that were enclosed in past games, maybe Nintendo will take Phil Spencer adult on his offer to bring Banjo-Kazooie to Super Smash Bros., or maybe it will demeanour to supplement another of Mario’s rivals, Crash Bandicoot, to a game.

Since a final integrate games in a array featured third-party characters, it seems like a protected gamble that Super Smash Bros. for a Nintendo Switch will have some as well. Who these characters will be stays to be seen, though maybe we’ll learn some-more when Super Smash Bros. is shown during Nintendo’s E3 2018 presentation.

Super Smash Bros. will launch in 2018, exclusively for a Nintendo Switch.

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