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February 19, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

Update: This gossip has now been reliable to be an elaborate forgery, with a forger posting a video explaining how they pulled it off.

Original story below:

Nintendo fans are livid with rumors of Rayman presumably creation an entrance as DLC in Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U.

This is not good remembered, though a gossip creatively came out nearby a finish of July/start of Aug final year. A Nintendo of Canada orator compelling a diversion mentioned  ‘Rayman and a whole garland of others’ in a same exhale as Pac-Man, as destiny playable characters. He did not discuss DLC, and his matter was after simplified to impute to Rayman’s trophy, though a video justification proves otherwise. You can watch that video here.

Today, leaks have come out, allegedly from insiders, that uncover Rayman as an unlockable and selectable impression in a game. This time, it’s harder to negligence a rumors since there is also video evidence, that we can watch below.

Some fans are adult in arms over a probability of Rayman being in a game. This goes over selecting sold characters for a franchise, as Rayman is a mascot of third celebration developer Ubisoft, who have famously announced they would stop creation games for Nintendo platforms. These fans feel Ubisoft doesn’t merit carrying their mascot represented in a game, as exemplified by this tweet.

While greeting has been strong, it might be too early to conflict to a gossip angrily, if during all. This gossip continues to widespread but a acknowledgment from possibly Ubisoft or Nintendo. It’s also value remembering that a diversion was indeed data mined for cut content, and while a Chorus Boys from Rhythm Fever were found, Rayman was not. Of course, these could all also be elaborate forgeries.

For what it’s worth, Sakurai has left on record to contend that Nintendo has not nonetheless motionless on destiny DLC for a game. For sure, considerations such as squeezing some-more information to a 3DS version, or creation amiibo for destiny DLC characters would be concerns.

Do we consider a gossip could be loyal or not? Would we acquire Rayman in a game? Share your thoughts with us in a comments.

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