RUMOR: Microsoft to be Represented in Smash Bros; Extended Support into 2019

June 4, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

We during a Outerhaven have motionless to news on MOST rumors encircling a gaming community. As such, they will be tagged with a ‘RUMOR’ in a headline. If pronounced gossip has come to pass, we will yield a followup essay with a couple to this article.

According to one video diversion journalist, Nintendo is looking to get a Microsoft deputy into a Super Smash Bros. roster, with some extended support going into 2019.

In a thread posted a small over 5 hours ago on Sunday, Marcus Sellars posted a above tweet, with another saying that Nintendo would like to embody some-more womanlike characters to a indicate where it is a “nearly even split.”

Feasibly speaking, if Microsoft were to embody any characters from their franchises, it boils down to Master Chief, Marcus or JD Fenix, Cortana or anyone on a Rare brand, such as a Battletoads, Conker, Joanna Dark, Banjo/Kazooie and presumably anyone from Killer Instinct (the latter being lowest on a feasibility scale, notwithstanding TJ Combo vs Little Mac being a ill dream match.)

However, a law might be foreigner than fantasy, so it’s critical that we simply wait and see what happens in a entrance days, with E3 2018 holding place commencement during a finish of this week.

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