Rivals of Aether Makes The Smash Bros. Formula Feel New Again

March 29, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

Rivals of Aether

Rivals of Aether, out today, wants to turn any newbie’s initial height fighter. Rather than relegating that bench to Smash Bros., Rivals of Aether courage a iconic Nintendo diversion while maintaining a skeleton of a famous playstyle. In a genre monopolized by an determined AAA game, Rivals succeeds during scarcely all it sets out to do.


Rivals of Aether’s impression register offers 8 humanoid animal fighters, any representing earth, wind, H2O or fire. They’re furnished with remarkably lovable backstories, that Rivals’ single-player mode sum in between AI battles. In a contra mode, playable locally or online by Steam, players conflict it out with pound attacks, aerials and specials, all singular to a selected character. It’s formed on Super Smash Bros. Melee, but with beautiful pixel art and some-more thespian movesets that can change a sourroundings or other actor characters. Maypul a grass-type mongoose, for example, can symbol opponents with seeds, problematic their defense, and afterwards hang them in ivy before outstanding them off a map. But if you’re new to height fighters, you’ll be confident only pelting enemies with her rope shot.

In an e-mail, creator Dan Fornace, who cut his teeth on Smash-likes, told me, “I adore combos and assertive gameplay, yet we am not good adequate in Melee to get them consistently.” For Rivals, he said, his group “simplified some of a harder tech in Melee while gripping a speed and combo-ability of it.”

Rivals of Aether

I’ve listened a few people boot Rivals of Aether as “that bushy Super Smash Bros. rip-off.” Allow me to transparent this up: Any inclination during Super Smash Bros. will interpret to Rivals of Aether due to identical controls, yet Rivals of Aether is a essentially opposite diversion that is doing some singular things with a genre Smash has forged out. Writing it off it would be a mistake. It’s fun as ruin and uninformed and a torpedo multiplayer to play during home with friends. It does change on a Smash model by replacing a evasion with a resist conflict or creation some-more use of enfeebling attacks, and in terms of a feel, Rivals of Aether offers a reduce separator to entrance to a genre that’s felt overdetermined by Smash for scarcely dual decades.


In 2015, Kotaku reporter Nathan Grayson gushed about Rivals of Aether’s Early Access mode. He said, “Rivals is streamlined in places where it creates sense, yet a new mechanics seem like they open adult a vast probability space for strategy—and they do this intentionally, rather than on collision like the Smash Bros. array infrequently seems to.” A year and a half later, he’s still right—Rivals takes cues from Smash’s impression preference shade design, yet cuts out some nonessential options while adding a few facilities we didn’t know we wanted. For example, we can exam out characters in a preference box. That way, we know what you’re removing before we commit. You can learn about their playstyles and moves by clicking a tiny “info” button, too. Also, on a impression preference screen, players are simply asked their time limit, batch and group preferences before personification in contra mode. For seasoned Smash players, it’s comforting that daub burst is off by default.

Rivals of Aether

I never unequivocally deliberate how calm Smash characters’ movesets were until we played Rivals of Aether. Characters can change a theatre or other characters, combining a basement for gratifying combos. Kragg, a ripped earth beetle, can serve a stone post from a belligerent that splits a theatre in half. A glow hyena can problematic himself with a smokescreen, and dark behind it, he can emanate a fake of himself. So far, my favorite is “the charge architect” Absa a elk. She casts clouds anywhere on a theatre and can send a lightning shaft from herself to that cloud, a arrange of outing wire. Every choice feels flattering balanced. It is, however, a tiny unsatisfactory that there’s no squeeze attacks. Fornace forked out to me that, in 2D, he’d have to pull a tradition greeting for any impression for any throw. That sounds like a lot of work for a tiny team, so we pardon a omission.

Also in a Smash-but-not-Smash category, we suggest personification Rivals of Aether with a GameCube controller. we used a GameCube controller adapter for a Wii U and PC USB and an unofficial, yet really organic driver. Set-up was comparatively discerning and a boon was huge if you, like me, cite to play height fighters with a classical height warrior controller. An Xbox recover is on a way, and we can play it with a PS4 or Xbox controller, yet only trust me on this. It feels good.



Rivals has a accoutrements of an esports indie: directional influence, a prolonged hitstun time and, many importantly, fans in a rival Melee scene. Hopefully, it will attract champions who repute a game, yet we wish a esports intensity doesn’t shroud a accessibility, that is one of a biggest draws.

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