Renegades expands to Smash by signing Swedish Delight and Dabuz

October 6, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

12:46 PM ET

North American esports classification Renegades, owned by Boston Celtics brazen Jonas Jerebko, is expanding a esports land into Super Smash Bros. by appropriation Super Smash Bros. Melee actor James “Swedish Delight” Liu and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U actor Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby. Both will start competing underneath a Renegades ensign Friday during one of a year’s largest tournaments, The Big House 6 in Dearborn, Michigan.

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  • The Big House 6 preview

    The Big House 6 in Michigan on Oct 7-9 is partial of a largest Smash contest array in a Midwest and a post of a Melee premier circuit. Here are a tip players and storylines to watch.

  • Leffen receives P1-A famous contestant visa

    After being denied entrance into a United States one year ago, Leffen has finally perceived his contestant visa. It stays to be seen if he will contest during The Big House 6 this weekend.

  • “Smash is a good village and is what esports is all about,” Jerebko tells ESPN about his organization’s expansion. “Renegades would like to support gaming communities that have been here from a beginning. We are vehement to have Sam and James join a family.”

    The signings come after both players have had clever years while competing in tournaments in their particular games.

    In Melee, Swedish Delight, formerly ranked 31st on a Melee It On Me Super Smash Bros. Melee annual ranking, has dramatically risen in contest placements this year. In June, he took second to Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma during Smash ‘N’ Splash 2 in Gurnee, Illinois. But that wasn’t his usually tip finish as he took fourth during Pound 2016, ninth during both Community Effort Orlando and Evolution 2016, and fifth during Shine 2016. Smash researcher Daniel “TAFOkints” Lee recently ranked Swedish Delight as 10th in his tumble Melee power rankings.

    “I’m looking brazen towards holding a subsequent step in my career as a veteran Smash player,” Swedish Delight tells ESPN. “Renegades has a best people in terms of experience, knowledge, and care we could work with to make me a improved player. When we started playing, we never would’ve suspicion we would strech a turn I’m during right now. we can’t wait to see what we can unequivocally grasp now that we have a full support of an classification as good as Renegades.”

    Meanwhile, in Smash for Wii U, Dabuz has proven to be among a many unchanging players in a game, now holding third in a Panda Global Rankings. He took second during a year’s entrance major, Genesis 3, usually descending to Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios, who is deliberate a game’s best player. He afterwards took ninth during Pound 2016, initial during Apex 2016, initial during WTFox 2, third during Community Effort Orlando 2016, seventh during Evolution 2016, and second during Super Smash Con 2016.

    “I’m unequivocally blissful to be fasten Renegades and it’s sparkling to now be partial of a good team,” Dabuz tells ESPN. “I have a lot of faith that Renegades will assistance me grow as a aspirant and celebrity as we keep posterior my dream to pursue being a best actor we can be. we also am happy to representing a organisation with a lot of genuine people, and what unequivocally stood out to me is that a members and owners of Renegades have a transparent passion in esports and wish to be during a forefront of a growth.”

    In August, Jerebko, former Team Liquid Counter-Strike conduct manager James “Jame^s” O’Connor, and an tenure organisation purchased a Renegades code from League of Legends shoutcaster Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles and Chris Badawi. Since appropriation a team, Jerebko and organisation re-signed Renegades’ Australian Counter-Strike patrol and picked adult a former Dream Team Call of Duty team. Smash outlines their third esport as a organisation given a merger and rebrand.

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