‘Realistic’ Smash Bros. Clapping Video Is The Dumbest Way To End Friday

February 21, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

'Realistic' Smash Bros. Clapping Video Is The Dumbest Way To End Friday

You done it to a finish of another week. Congratulations! Your mom and we are unapproachable of you. And so are all of these Super Smash Bros. characters, who will now acclaim “realistically” during we for 5 minutes. Just watch (with sound on). It’s as good as it is dumb.

GrumpOut combined this video that approximates what every Smash Bros. characters’ end-of-match clapping would actually sound like. Most of them are only comical, though a few—like Donkey Kong, Sheik, and Duck Hunt—are surprisingly elaborate, not to discuss loyal to character. Oh, and adding a dull, obese whack to Zero Suit Samus’ clapping creates her “god damn it, we lost” face even some-more ideally passive-aggressive. And Ness is just… we don’t consider we ever wish to be friends with Ness.

Watch a video. Have a laugh. It’s Friday. You’ve scored a proxy feat in a Smash Bros. game that is life. Soon you’ll be knocked off a shade during a million miles per hour into Monday, so season a acclaim while we can.

Thanks for a tip, Jordan Devore.

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