Rangers’ Jake Diekman talks intro music, hall Super Smash Bros. champ and some-more in Reddit AMA session

May 28, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

Diekman was also asked who would win a clubhouse Super Smash Bros. tournament. Diekman favourite that doubt and named associate reliever Tony Barnette.

Diekman also named Barnette as his teammate crush, noting, “his hair is to die for.”

Some Phillies fans got in on a AMA and asked Diekman what his favorite impulse while in Philadelphia was. His choice was being a partial of a total no-hitter opposite a Braves.

Diekman remembered, “its was intensely prohibited and i had no thought about a no hitter when i came in.”

Some other highlights:

If he would try to hold Adrian Beltre’s head: No! i like my life!”

If Derek Holland is a humorous guy: “funny looking? yes!”

His backup devise if he didn’t make it in a MLB: “take caring of peoples money.”

Advice to immature pitchers who wish to equivocate a Tommy John epidemic: “no curving balls when we are younger! biggest mistake imo.”

His best crony on a Rangers: “not sam dyson.”

If he could strike out one beat in MLB history: “KGjr (Ken Griffey, Jr.).”

Is a prohibited dog a sandwich: “its a fruit!! eat them daily.” (Not certain how Barnette would feel about that.)

On what a guys do to pass a time in a bullpen: “we indeed speak to eachother sometimes.”

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