Popular Smash Bros. mod Project M ceases development

December 2, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

4 hours ago – 1:00 AM on 12.02.2015 // Myles Cox

Long live Melee?

The arise of a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament stage has been roughly unfit to ignore, even to infrequent players of a series. Even as of this year (year 3 of Luigi, mind you), Smash players transport all opposite a universe with their worn-down GameCube controllers and bigass CRTs only for a adore of a fourteen-year-old Nintendo game. This loyalty eventually remade into Project M, a community-driven alteration that brings a speed and fluidity of Melee to the Brawl engine, as good as new characters and costumes. It grew into something rather vast — and a intensity regard to Nintendo.

Six years, hundreds of grassroots tournaments around a universe (some not so grassroots), and many updates later, a post on a official Project M website states that a group has ceased all growth on a mod, to a dismay of a village built around a adore of a game.

We comprehend that this will come as a startle to many of a fans. Please, pardon us. Again, it’s been an agonizing call to make, though it’s been done a bit easier by a compensation with a prior and final release, v3.6. We’ve spent 6 years polishing Project M, and rather than let it drag on by another several years of shrinking growth and change-fatigue in a rival circle, we’re going to cruise a work complete.

In a meant time, we devise to be tough during work on new projects, built from a belligerent up. We can’t brief a beans only yet, though know that we’re looking towards a uninformed start with code new designs. Rather than bursting a focus, many of us wish to dedicate ourselves to this new try fully. In this way, we wish to say a spin of peculiarity and professionalism you’ve come to design from us.

In summary, we are ceasing growth of Project M (effective immediately) and will be creation no serve releases as we spin a courtesy towards an wholly new venture.

As for what this “new venture” competence be, we’re left guessing. we for one am vehement to see what a group announces in a future.

Project M [Official website]

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