Panda Global Rankings v3 lists a tip 50 Super Smash Bros. 4 players in a world

July 8, 2017 - Super Smash Bros



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Panda Global has now finished their tip 50 rankings of a Super Smash Bros. 4 players. This inventory rates players formed on their performances from Jan 2017 to Jun 2017.

Being that this is a third iteration of a PGR, we can apparently design a array of changes going from a second iteration. Some players have pierce adult while others has changed down.

Perhaps to a warn of nobody, one sold player’s position has remained consistent in all 3 of a lists. TSM|ZeRo has not nonetheless forsaken from his #1 position.

It is remarkable that actor opening this time is evaluated formed on a new complement that weighs a contest formed on a “Tournament Tier System.” This new complement will rate players aloft formed on a peculiarity and apportion of participants in a given tournament, rather than being formed on esteem money.

This new inventory comes only in time for EVO 2017. This will positively be useful in meaningful that players to demeanour out for during a Super Smash Bros. 4 apportionment of a tournament.

Panda Global has expelled their rankings in a array of 5 videos. You can find those after a jump.

1. ZeRo
2. MKLeo
3. Nairo
4. Dabuz
5. Ally
6. Larry Lurr
7. CaptainZack
8. komorikiri
9. Mr. R
10. Abadango
11. Salem
12. Tweek
13. VoiD
14. Marss
15. Fatality
16. KEN
17. Ranai
18. ESAM
19. Kirihara
20. Zinoto
21. ANTi
22. Locus
23. 9B
24. Samsora
25. Elegant
26. Tsu-
27. Kameme
28. falln
29. MVD
30. Mr. E
31. 6WX
32. T
33. Shuton
34. Raito
35. Earth
37. Ned
38. Rich Brown
39. Myran
40. Manny
41. ScAtt
43. Nietono
44. Javi
45. AC
46. WaDi
47. Edge
48. JK
49. Choco
50. FOW

Source: Panda Global’s YouTube channel, SmashWiki.

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