Overpowered Bot Puts Top Smash Bros. Player In His Place

February 19, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

Overpowered Bot Puts Top Smash Bros. Player In His Place

If you’ve paid any arrange of courtesy to a competitive
Super Smash Bros stage over a years, you’ve substantially listened of Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman. He’s won large championships in each iteration of Smash and modernized a stage with discoveries about diversion production and technique. Recently, he mislaid to a CPU.

It all came of an assembly plea during a new Super Smash Bros. Melee stream. His fans wanted him to take on a bot during max turn and max handicap. Mew2King figured it wouldn’t be too tough, so he went for it. Things did not go according to plan.

In a above video posted by
Editing Angel (via The Daily Dot), Mr King floats like a moth with unequivocally good hand-eye coordination and stings like a bee who’s been personification Smash Bros. for some-more than a decade, though he still gets one-shotted into unconcern by Ganondorf. But again, his CPU-controlled competition is during max turn and max handicap. This means that even light attacks send Mew2King drifting while his rival, a (dis) honest Mr Dorf, hardly budges no matter how most punishment he absorbs.

Is it fair? Definitely not. But that’s kinda a whole point. Even legends have their limits. And hey, during slightest Mew2King took it all in good fun, right?

I mean, we know, aside from a partial where he went, “I hatred everything! we unequivocally hatred this game!”

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