Opinion: Top 5 Picks for Super Smash Bros DLC Roster

April 8, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

Last week, during a latest Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo denounced a garland of new additions that will shortly be entrance to a strike Wii U/3DS soldier Super Smash Bros. While a new Mii costumes and Mewtwo/Lucas register additions were exciting, what was maybe many sparkling of all for some viewers was a new Fighter Ballot webpage where fans can margin their possess suggestions for destiny DLC register additions. This naturally got me meditative about what sorts of register additions I’d like to make to Super Smash Bros., and here are my tip 5 picks.

Wolf (Star Fox)

Going into Super Smash Bros. Brawl, we already had a plain list of favorite fighters such as Link, Sheik, and Captain Falcon that we had culled from my time personification both a N64 strange and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Of all a fighters featured in Brawl that would finish adult apropos a new favorite, I never illusory that Star Fox’s barbarous opposition Star Wolf (or usually “Wolf” as he’s labeled in Brawl) would be one of them.

I was already informed with Wolf’s background, carrying bloody him out of a sky mixed times while personification Star Fox 64, yet Wolf’s presentation as a sleek and absolute m�lange fighter in Brawl instantly appealed to me. The fact that he was formed off of one of my favorite animals and hailed from one of my favorite Nintendo diversion array was usually a topping on a cake.

I’d adore to see Wolf lapse to a Wii U/3DS chronicle of Super Smash Bros. Mainly given I’m totally biased, yet also given we feel he serves as a plain reflection to Fox’s and Falco’s play styles. we know some fans competence fold their noses during a thought of carrying to compensate some-more income for DLC register additions yet Wolf is one impression I’d gladly flare over a few additional dollars for.

Waluigi (Super Mario Bros.)

Fans of a Luigi’s dishonourable reflection have been clamoring for his inclusion in a SSB register as distant behind as Super Smash Bros. Melee. One courageous fan even took it on themselves to create a tradition mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl that total Waluigi in as a fully-functioning fighter. Needless to say, Nintendo has invariably valid that, in Waluigi’s case, it doesn’t seem meddlesome in giving fans what they want. Adding in Waluigi as a DLC impression competence not be a best solution, yet it’d during slightest be improved than withdrawal his fanbase discontented and angry for a third time using now.

While Waluigi has never starred in his own game, his countless appearances in several Mario sports and Mario Party titles could assistance Nintendo in creation Wario’s partner in crime duty in a fun, dumb manner. He should also be singular adequate so that he doesn’t feel like a half-assed Luigi clone. In an ideal world, Nintendo would work directly with modder MarioKing64DS (the builder of a above mod) to move Waluigi to Super Smash Bros. yet sadly we consider we all know how thorough and protecting Nintendo tends to be about a characters.

Knuckles (Sonic a Hedgehog)

Sega’s famously quick blue hedgehog was one of a some-more startling additions to SSB Brawl’s roster, deliberation all a attrition that once existed between Nintendo and Sega, yet he was clearly well-received given he done a lapse coming in Super Smash Bros. Now that Sonic has turn an SSB mainstay, we see no reason because Sega and Nintendo couldn’t combine again to move his equally iconic friend/rival Knuckles a Echidna to a Super Smash Bros. party.

Knuckles’ gusto for rapid combative could make him a critical close-quarters contender and his movement total with his ability to trip could also make him surprisingly tough to K.O. (as anyone who’s ever faced fighters like Peach or Pit know all too well). Since, like Sonic, Knuckles is also able of harnessing a energy of a Chaos Emeralds, Nintendo substantially wouldn’t have to work too tough to come adult with a wise final pound for a red Echidna. My one condition for Knuckles fasten a SSB register would be that Nintendo used his strange correspondence and not a sasquatch-esque sight from Sonic Boom.

Gabriel Belmont (Castlevania)

Even yet a long-running Castlevania array is a skill of Konami, a vast apportionment of a finish list of Castlevania games are playable on opposite Nintendo platforms, that means it wouldn’t be too fantastic for one of a characters to uncover adult in Super Smash Bros. Today’s Castlevania fans are expected many informed with a Lords of Shadow array and a protagonist Gabriel Belmont. But those who played a Nintendo 3DS pause diversion Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate are substantially some-more informed with Gabriel’s son Trevor and grandson Simon, both of whom wielded a iconic whip.

If Nintendo wanted to get even some-more creative, there are copiousness of other whip-wielding Castlevania characters to work with, including a classical chronicle of Simon Belmont from a really initial Castlevania game, Nathan Graves from a Gameboy Advance pretension Castlevania: Circle of a Moon, or even Reinhardt Schneider from a Nintendo 64 pretension Castlevania 64 and a prequel/remake Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness. 

Using a whip would any character Nintendo chose into a lethal midst to long-range fighter, while Castlevania’s iconic sub-weapons, such as throwable crosses and holy H2O vials, could also be used for some engaging pound attacks or as a character’s final smash. But no matter that impression Nintendo goes with, a Castlevania-themed warrior could make for an glorious further to Super Smash Bros.’ register from both a gameplay and cultured viewpoint. It competence even assistance to reanimate seductiveness in a Castlevania array among Nintendo fans.

Goemon (Mystical Ninja)

And now for something truly out of left field. Those who owned a Nintendo 64 console competence remember a fun and impertinent adventure/platformer diversion called Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon or maybe a sequel, Goemon’s Great Adventure. Both games were partial of a Mystical Ninja array that valid to be so renouned in Japan that Nintendo and Konami motionless to move them both over to North America.

In Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, players stepped into a padded sandals a suggested blue-haired ninja Goemon along with his rope of friends in a splendid and colorful delivery of Feudal Japan. The diversion featured vast explorable outside environments as good as some-more enclosed dungeons and even towns and cities in that a actor could rest and buy useful items. There were also sequences where a actor could directly control Goemon’s hulk drudge crony Impact and conflict other hulk robots from within its cockpit. Goemon could use his signature Kiseru (a Japanese smoking pipe) to both quarrel enemies and span a environment. It also has an extendible sequence functionality and, and Goemon could also use coins he collected as a last-ditch operation attack.

With all this in mind, I’m anticipating it’s as easy for readers to see how good Goemon would duty as a Super Smash Bros. impression as it is for me. He’s quirky and opposite so fans of Nintendo’s some-more cultured qualities would expected welcome him and his platforming/combat skills meant he would fit right in as a combat-ready contender. His Kiseru and ability to chuck coins could concede for some fun pound attacks (the Kiseru’s sequence could also offer as a ranged squeeze identical to Link’s Hookshot) and his hulk Impact drudge is about as ideal an thought for a final pound as we can imagine.

If Nintendo wanted to get really creative, it could even span Goemon adult with one of his friends, like a friendly pig Ebisumaru and have them duty as a group identical to a Ice Climbers. Either way, we consider Goemon would offer not usually as a fun callback for longtime Nintendo fans yet also as a fun new technical further to Super Smash Bros.’ already opposite register of classics.

Bonus Sixth: Banjo Kazooie (Banjo Kazooie)

I feel bad about not meditative of Rare’s classical pairing of bear and bird for this list, generally given we spent so most of my days with a Nintendo 64 personification both Banjo Kazooie and a supplement Banjo Tooie. However, after saying this Tweet from Microsoft conduct Phil Spencer, we comprehend now that it creates ideal sense. The towering series of opposite moves and attacks Banjo and his leafy messenger benefit entrance to over a march of both games could make for any series of fun pound attacks. Plus, a duo’s ability to temporarily turn godlike and strike down any enemy they run into has “final pound potential” created all over it. Since Nintendo now has a blessing of Microsoft’s conduct of Xbox (at slightest in Twitter form), it shouldn’t let this golden event trip by.

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