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November 19, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has been reliable to be now operative on a new project. His twitter was translated by Source Gaming and shows that he is clearly operative on a new project. He hasn’t directly confirmed either a new plan will be a new Super Smash Bros diversion on a Nintendo Switch though we wish that is a case.

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Should we design a new Super Smash Bros diversion on a Nintendo Switch?

If they only take out a integrate characters and supplement like 10 afterwards a celebrity would feel opposite and value buying. Like if they get absolved of the dark array and combined virdi and got absolved of Roy and Lucina, we guess; and supplement a new lady glow button character. They should supplement bandana Dee, k-

They should supplement bandana Dee, k-rool or Dixie, ice climbers, captain toad, paper Mario, maybe Daisy in her sports form, someone from stroke heaven, Impa, bomberman, Alph, kk-slider or Isabelle or tom indentation or Resetti (at slightest dual of them), wolf, Ridley, inklings, wolf, and maybe Krystal. And if that’s too many characters afterwards they could also get absolved of cloud, Ryu, and Dr Mario for some-more third celebration characters like Shantae.

If this diversion is to be done as an extended pier of “Smash 4” for a Nintendo Switch, there are many problems that need to be fixed. Crowd cheers peculiarity should be improved, and a throng should intone 8 times when a impression is during 100% repairs or more. They should also repair a tip KO randomness (and no pointless tripping from “Brawl” please). Seriously, a randomness on those tip KOs (even if they’re not truly random) is really bad for a metagame, generally in final batch situations. Make a Star KOs/Screen KOs start for on-stage moves and ceiling Blast KOs start for off-stage moves, even on Training Mode. That way, there would be no astray wins or losses, as good as astray punishes, and a matches would go much.

Let us know what we would design in a Super Smash Bros diversion done for a Nintendo Switch.

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