Niche Spotlight – Icons: Combat Arena – A Modern Take on Super Smash Bros. Melee

July 29, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

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A subset of a Super Smash Bros. village are so ardent to how a comparison games played they still play Super Smash Bros. Melee to this day – competitively even.

Some fans and developer veterans combined a company, Wavedash Games (inspired by a transformation glitch polished by fans), and they’re creation a diversion that is severely desirous by SSB: Melee. Their missions is to emanate a diversion “we’ve all been watchful for.”

Featured above, we can perspective a game’s entrance gameplay video.

The new game, Icons: Combat Arena, is a lot like a devout prototype – right down to a impression animations, movements, and even a attacks. That’s not a bad thing, though it’s not stealing a fact that it takes a best from other games.

An open beta for Icons: Combat Arena is designed for someday this tumble – with a recover tentatively set for early subsequent year. For now, we can pointer adult for a beta here on their central website. A console recover is planned, though not until after a PC launch is completed.

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  • This diversion looks sooooo good!
    ($0.03 has been deposited into your account)

  • I unequivocally wish they have some-more impression besides usually “Not-Mario,” “Not-Captain Falcon,” “Not-Fox,” and “Not-Marth.”

  • Forgettable characters, diseased looking combat, and tedious stages…aren’t there a garland of other improved knockoffs?

  • at slightest if by some arrange of predestine we have to play this, we will be means to play morally regulating “Not-Marth”

  • “Not-Marth”
    I consider we meant “Not-Lucina”.

  • Lucina wasn’t in Melee, and besides Lucina is a “Not-Marth” herself so would this new impression be “Not-Not-Marth” then?

  • Just given someone wants to fuck Melee; doesn’t meant their dick doesn’t wish to fuck it in a opposite way. More “Unofficial No-Marth” given what we pronounced would make her Marth.

  • ”prettier”


  • The new game, Icons: Combat Arena, is a lot like a spiritual
    predecessor – right down to a impression animations, movements, and
    even a attacks. That’s not a bad thing,

    blatant burglary and exportation from source material

    not a bad thing

    This is a joke, right?

  • I don’t know about we guys though we unequivocally can't mount Smash Bros. Melee fans. That aside, I’d contend this diversion looks TOO derivative…but deliberation how other indie games seem to be holding from other franchises. meh…

  • Wavedash is usually a Project M devs determining to money in after Nintendo didn’t remotely give a shit about their mod. we had to giggle during a trailer, we can’t make a blatant counterpart of a 15yo diversion with a non-copyright-infringing cloak of paint demeanour sparkling or even engaging by personification ubiquitous epic song and regulating buzzwords like LIGHTNING FAST.

  • I don’t like to assume a misfortune from a website i like to read. So greatfully let this be a not so good put together joke. Fuck, even Sony’s copy-paste SSB counterpart still had some form of creativity. This usually feels and looks like they took each item from SSB and usually gave all a characters/arenas a blandest looking designs.

  • Just let Melee die already.

  • At slightest it keeps a autists cramped to one place and divided from a tangible fighting games.

  • They’re not cramped when they buy their approach into tournaments.


  • Even a name is stupid.

  • What the- Battleborn, is that you?!

  • I wish we get a good pound clone.

  • The ensign picture on a categorical page that links to this essay already looks like cancer to start with.

  • Looks and sounds usually like a mobile game, and a freemium one during that. Sad!

  • I like a concept, though we unequivocally don’t caring for a uncanny Guardians Of The Galaxy knockoff looking characters.

  • I wish to be 100% transparent here.

    No hit between a developers and me took place before we wrote about this game.

    I saw it and suspicion it was a shameless, roughly approach duplicate of Melee. we attempted to write about it though make fun of it too much.. when we was essay we was disposition some-more towards plainly creation fun of it though we motionless to reason behind a bit and usually benefaction it as is.

    I try to usually put cold looking games in a spotlight and this one was clearly a misstep, apologies. I’ll make certain that I’m some-more clever in that games we collect relocating forward.

  • Looking during a diversion again and comparing it to Melee again.. we consider you’re right. This was indeed usually in a title and not in a essay itself, so I’ve altered a title to mislay that.

  • To be satisfactory that diversion had so many characters and they focused a lot on that whole super complement that limited KO’s to usually those super moves. we also suspicion a super complement was reticent though we knew people who favourite it /shrug

  • I’d like it improved if a characters didn’t demeanour like they were done by Disney Marvel.

  • I was about to doubt this article, though we see that everybody already has. Have a good day.

  • If we wish to play Melee, I’ll play melee, (or Project M or whatever a new one out is) though this doesn’t utterly give me any inducement to select it over them.

  • It’s never going to. Too many of a fans continue to play and suffer it, and with so many people angry about it and even Sakurai perplexing to stretch himself from it’s accurate mechanics, that’s usually caused adore for it to indurate and grow somewhat.

    It’s unequivocally not that large of a deal, even if some of a impression designs were appalling (Yoshi)

  • I suspicion they were usually Gothic anticipation characters with scifi tech tacked on.

  • That’s accurately what i meant when i pronounced they during slightest had creativity with it and done it into a decent game. we also privately favourite a game.

    Also, didn’t accurately meant sony’s diversion was Copy-pasted. That was me usually being to tired.

  • I desired Melee and all, though fuck me do we hatred a God damn tourneytards for it. Then again we wish to contend this for all a Smash games, they were and NEVER will be hardcore fighting games. Hell they are hardly fighting games in ubiquitous and unequivocally were meant to be fun celebration games, zero more.

  • This diversion is what happens when one pretence ponies rise a game.

  • Melee is rabble yo.

  • For what it’s worth, this is a subsequent plan by a Project M team.

  • The design is atrocius and a fuck ton of a movements are literally carried resources from Melee

  • Oh. Well,… interjection for a heads up

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