NFL Combine 2016: Harvard teammates bond over common knowledge & Super Smash Bros.

February 27, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

Ben Braunecker and Cole Toner are not your normal NFL Draft prospects, personification their college football during Harvard. Braunecker is a molecular biology vital who wants to go to med propagandize and investigate spreading diseases, while Toner complicated supervision and economics and is meddlesome in posterior a career in politics.

However, these dual have been thrown into a glow of a NFL Scouting Combine only like any other intensity draftees, and could emerge as intriguing options for a Green Bay Packers during their particular positions.

Braunecker, a parsimonious end, stands 6’3″, weighs 250 pounds and brings a finish package of restraint and receiving ability to a position. He was an glorious blocker during a FCS turn and nonetheless a turn of foe doubt is one that he will need to answer, he held 48 passes for 850 yards and 8 touchdowns as a comparison for a Crimson.

One area where Braunecker should surpass is in a film room. On Thursday during his media availability, he explained how one team tested that genius during an talk progressing this week in Indianapolis: “The Miami Dolphins had me learn all their formations in like a minute, and afterwards 10 mins after heave all of that in underneath 5 minutes.” He combined that he suspicion he did “reasonably” good in that use underneath a circumstances.

An descent lineman, Toner is a bigger physique during 6’5″ and 306. Although he played essentially right tackle during Harvard, Toner thinks he is jaunty adequate to play left tackle as good in a NFL. He might also plan to ensure or core during a NFL level, and pronounced he has been practicing some snapping. He participated in a Senior Bowl and pronounced he felt he had a good week in practice, that should assistance assuage some of a concerns about a turn of play he faced in a FCS. He remarkable that “If we took one thing from a Senior Bowl, it’s only that anyone is blockable.” Toner is no slump as a student, either, as he was named a semifinalist for a William V. Campbell Trophy, that is mostly referred to as a “Academic Heisman.”

Both players common fad about going by a Combine and Draft routine together as well, and doing so in their common home state of Indiana is an combined bonus. “We met any other initial during a Indiana All-Star diversion after a comparison years in high school,” pronounced Toner. “We met there, became good friends, became roommates during Harvard, and now are during a Combine together.” They lerned together as well, operative out during St. Vincent Sports Performance in Indianapolis to prepare.

“Just being means to follow your childhood dream is one thing, though to do it with one of your best friends, we can’t unequivocally kick that,” Braunecker told APC. “That’s flattering awesome.”

In their few moments of giveaway time, a dual suffer personification Super Smash Bros. with their roommates – Braunecker’s favorite characters are Fox McCloud and Marth, while Toner pronounced he is “a Yoshi guy”. However, conjunction one gave an denote of that one is a higher player. Still, a dual will have one final area where they will contest directly: their breeze position. NFL Draft Scout now projects Toner as a fourth-round pick, while Braunecker has a fifth-round projection.

“It’s such a cold knowledge to be here with him,” Toner said. But for these dual long-time friends, it is expected that a NFL Draft will take them in opposite directions for a initial time in several years.

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