Next Nintendo Direct Will Be The Last Dedicated To ‘Super Smash Bros.’

November 17, 2015 - Super Smash Bros


Expect some vital announcements to come out of Nintendo’s final ‘Super Smash Bros.’ focused video conference.
(Photo : Nintendo)

If we are a Super Smash Bros. fan, we are going to wish to balance in for a Nintendo Direct promote subsequent month, as it will be a final approach dedicated to what has fast turn one of Nintendo’s many critical diversion franchises.

The proclamation of a Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS Nintendo Direct came immediately after Nintendo suggested that Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII fame would be fasten a Smash Bros. roster alongside a new FFVII themed stage.

It’s now been suggested by a Nintendo of Europe news recover (via Go Nintendo) that this is a final Nintendo Direct designed for Super Smash Bros. So distant there have been 3 Nintendo Direct broadcasts dedicated only to display off a game, a latest being a proclamation of 3 new DLC characters that enclosed Ryu from Capcom’s renouned Street Fighter series.

Expect December’s Nintendo Direct to do something similar. More sum on Cloud are a given, though we might also see a proclamation of new DLC characters who have been selected from a Super Smash Bros. online fan list that ran progressing this year. It’s misleading if Cloud being enclosed in a diversion came as a outcome of fan votes, though he positively fits a bill. It also seems protected to assume that Nintendo will announce when accurately these new DLC characters will be released. Though Cloud was announced during a final direct, no pricing sum or a recover date were given.

What other characters might we see? We’ll have to wait until Dec. to find out some-more about a destiny of Super Smash Bros. heading into 2016, though a destiny is positively looking bright.

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