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May 28, 2018 - Super Smash Bros



In a universe where characters like Bayonetta, Cloud, and Diddy Kong browbeat a contest stage for Super Smash Bros. 4, one male will enter Combo Breaker 2018 with an problematic character. That sense is Mr. Game and Watch.

Despite a fact that Mr. Game and Watch is mostly regarded as a low-mid tier fighter, KJS|Maister was means to means a series of upsets during this vital contest in 2018. In fact, he won a whole contest but dropping a set.

While he had some tough hurdles in holding on PG|ESAM’s Pikachu and E2C|TyRoy’s Meta Knight and Bayonetta, he was means to warn everybody with his crazy plays. His considerable neutral diversion and down chuck to “toot-toot” combo was what led him to victory.

There was even a occasional 9-hammer that would come after down throws. These were some large wins for Maister.

In grand finals, Maister found himself adult opposite TyRoy. This was a compare adult opposite a Bayonetta main.

At one point, a measure was 2 – 1 in preference of TyRoy. A combo was started that gave a sense that a joint was about to be reset. Amazingly, Maister was means to emanate a double KO where his sense was separated only a second after a Bayonetta, thereby preventing a reset.

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Source: VGBootCamp (YouTube and Twitch).

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