MKLeo Wins 2GGC Championship for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

December 4, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U capped off a full 12-month esports deteriorate over a weekend, as a 2GGC Championship crowned a champion. Meet a best actor in Smash 4. It’s Echo Fox’s Leonardo “MkLeo” Perez, who took a stirring Grand Finals reset over Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios.

MkLeo cruised to a Grand Finals on a winners side, violence all comers, that enclosed ZeRo in a Winners Semi-Final. While MkLeo had beaten ZeRo handily with Meta Knight progressing in a day, ZeRo practiced in Grand Finals and was means to reset a bracket. The reset came down to a diversion four, where a span of Diddy Kong Up-Smashes shockingly came adult empty, permitting MkLeo to eventually take a array and a contest with an Up-B that sent ZeRo’s Diddy by a blast zone.

The adversary between ZeRo and MkLeo began in aspiring one year ago during 2GG: ZeRo Saga. While ZeRo had spent that Friday night avenging any and any one of his waste by violence his before opponents one-by-one in a special Zero’s Runback exhibition, a weekend finished with MkLeo violence ZeRo on his approach to a contest victory. The dual have traded wins via 2017, many recently during Game Tyrant Expo 2017 in September, where MkLeo again came out on top.

But while ZeRo became informed with MkLeo’s Marth and Cloud over a past year, Barrios was clearly rocked by Perez’s Meta Knight choice. MkLeo has frequently kept Meta Knight as a delegate impression choice, though had seldomly used him opposite ZeRo’s Diddy Kong before to this weekend.

Prior to a Grand Finals, a Losers Finals came down to an Evo 2017 finals rematch between ZeRo and Evo 2017 champion Saleem “Salem” Young. This array unfolded differently from a Evo series, with ZeRo adjusting to a Bayonetta matchup. The fourth and final diversion in a array saw a dual competitors mostly escaped any other on a final stock. As a compare went into a final minute, Salem slipped and ZeRo capitalized with an Up-Smash that clinched a series.

Perez walks divided with $20,000, out of a $50,000 esteem pool. The 2GGC circuit has awarded over $100,000 in esteem income over a march of 2017.

There were many noted matchups and moments that took place over a 2GGC Championship weekend. In fact, there isn’t adequate room to go over all here. Come behind to Shacknews on Monday, as we mangle down a many noted moments of a 2GGC Championship weekend.

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