Misfits pointer Melee pro The Moon

November 29, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

The final unsponsored top-20 actor in Super Smash Bros. Melee is a giveaway representative no longer. Multi-game esports organization, Misfits, has sealed Ryan “The Moon” Coker-Welch as a initial fighting diversion player.

“We’re vehement to enter a Melee stage with The Moon,” pronounced Ben Spoont, owners of Misfits. With The Moon now on board, Spoont has lofty aspirations for his new hire. “While looking during a space, we were looking for a actor that we felt would make vital improvements and mangle into a top-five with a correct subsidy and support of a vital org like Misfits.”

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  • The Moon, who had a tiny army with Kingsmen progressing this year, is vehement to be a partial of Misfits. “I beheld Misfits was an adult and entrance team, and we desired a teamwork and bid they displayed during a Overwatch tournament, Underdogs: Season 1, and a Overwatch open event. we like their appetite and opinion and motionless that Misfits was a ideal fit for my celebrity and image,” he said.

    Misfits now has teams in League of Legends, Overwatch, and Heroes of a Storm. “Having a unite will assistance both Misfits and we with exposure, and it opens adult a new multiplication for Misfits,” pronounced The Moon. “Fans can design that we will attend all a vital events and contest with each other high turn player.”

    The Moon is one of a many electric players now in Melee. After he was voted into Smash Summit 3, he won over many fans with his egotistic celebrity and humorous commentary. Currently a number-one actor in NYC Metropolitan Area Power Ranking, The Moon has been on a arise nationally. His micro-spacing and retaliate diversion has softened tremendously from progressing this year. This new spike in ability has authorised him to finish with some-more top-eight placings.

    “We will also be expanding into some-more FGC games in a entrance weeks as we continue to replicate a successes in other games,” pronounced Spoont.

    The Moon will paint Misfits this weekend during a UGC Smash Open in Collinsville, Illinois.

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