Meet The ‘Villain’ of Super Smash Bros.

April 25, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

If we follow rival Melee during all, afterwards we substantially know accurately who William “Leffen” Hjelte is. Widely deliberate to be a “heel” player, Leffen has a repute for being a bad guy.

There’s a reason for that. Leffen likes to shit speak and make fun of his opponents. It’s a sheer contrariety to other tip players of a Smash Bros. scene, who tend to be some-more beloved.

So since do it; since play adult a infamy? In this illusory speak with a group that sponsors him, Solomid, Leffen says that he does it since it fulfills a unequivocally required duty for a community.

“I was branded flattering early as a villain,” Leffen says. “In a beginning, we didn’t unequivocally caring about it, though as time went on, we started realizing that if we am to have a purpose in a Smash scene, we indeed do like a knave role. It’s unequivocally low sometimes. Since everybody is friends, nobody is unequivocally pulling any other—you’re not going to try that tough to kick someone you’re tighten with.”

Thinking about it like that, we kind of conclude what Leffen is perplexing to do here. Yes, he’s not always a many likeable guy. But damn if his severe edges don’t spin adult a drama, and make matches all a some-more engaging for spectators. we might not always base for him, though we conclude that he’s around. If zero else, he indeed has a skills to behind all his speak up—and that’s lovely to see.

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