Mango places initial (again) during The Big House 6 ‘Melee’ tournament

October 11, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

The best Super Smash Bros. players in a universe threw down during a game’s biggest contest in a Midwest for a weekend full of upsets and tighten victories, crowning champions in Melee and Wii U singles and doubles during The Big House 6.

Mango degraded Armada in a tighten and heated grand finals compare in Melee singles, winning The Big House for a third time and substantiating a strain of holding initial during each other Big House event. Armada won The Big House 5 final year though his Peach wasn’t means to lift it out over Mango’s Fox.

The Melee singles joint was full of upsets. SilentWolf sent Mew2King to a loser’s joint in a second turn of a winners bracket, usually to remove to Ice. Ice degraded SFAT, afterwards mislaid to Mango and Armada, fixation third overall, that is a good outcome for a actor who doesn’t typically place in a tip 5 of incomparable events.

Evo 2016 leader Hungrybox mislaid to Duck 3-0 and got knocked out after a bad display opposite Armada. Hungrybox looked like he had given adult a compare in a initial game.

In his initial U.S. contest given initial carrying visa issues in 2015, Leffen did not perform great, fixation between 17th-24th after losing to Gahtzu and Swedish Delight. 

In Wii U singles, ZeRo once again walked divided as champion of The Big House, defeating Anti with his signature Diddy Kong categorical opposite Anti’s Mario and Cloud.

SFAT and PewPewU won Melee doubles, defeating final year’s champions Armada and his hermit Android in a finals. ZeRo took home a second championship on Sunday, winning a Wii U doubles with Nairo, violence Ally and Mew2King in a finals.

Meanwhile in organisation battles, SoCal’s Melee organisation dominated with players Mango, Westballz, S2J, Lucky and MacD. Japan won a Wii U organisation contest with players Abadango, Kameme, Komorikiri, Shogun and Kie.

Prize pools and loot for a opposite tournaments have not been announced yet, as they were lifted by fans who purchased equipment or donated to a event.

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