‘Luigi is tip 10 if we can mash, bottom 10 if we can’t’ – Mr. ConCon on Luigi’s viability in Super Smash Bros. for …

November 20, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

AdaptiveTrigger: Why do we play Luigi?

Mr. ConCon: Luigi has always been my favorite impression in video games.

AdaptiveTrigger: Where would we put Luigi on a tier list?

Mr. ConCon: Luigi is tip 10 if we can mash, bottom 10 if we can’t

I’d contend that one of Luigi’s categorical weaknesses is contingent on your ability to mash. Skilled players can simply envision a trail Luigi’s actor take to redeem if they can't mash. And it can finish in genocide really early.

Being means to crush opens adult many opportunities and avenues for recuperating as good as gimping characters who would routinely cocktail adult out of an attempted down B gimp since it wasn’t a quick adequate mash.

The disproportion between a ability and inability of mashing well severely affects your liberation and kill opportunity.

AdaptiveTrigger: How did we get so good during mashing? Do we have a technique that we do in particular?

Mr. ConCon: This is a really renouned doubt for me. we wasn’t good during mashing behind when we started personification (Back in Melee), yet carrying played a impression for years we simply only built adult a ability to crush faster. It wasn’t something that we schooled in a integrate weeks or months.

It was constantly personification a impression and mashing a b symbol for that pierce for years. Its come down to a technique of moving a controller as quick as we can. No one has come tighten to mashing this fast.

AdaptiveTrigger: What characters do we feel are aloft on a tier list than Luigi?

Mr. ConCon: It is really disputable accurately that characters would be aloft on a tier list. We always impute to a impression as being Top 5, 10, etc. we would contend Bayonetta, Mewtwo, and Cloud are really improved than Luigi due to a support information and properties of their moves.

I do not see any other characters totally outclassing or carrying advantage over Luigi otherwise. Any other characters that would be deliberate tip 10 such as Diddy, Fox, Rosalina, Metaknight, Mario and a rest go even or worse with Luigi during a tip turn of play.

AdaptiveTrigger: Which impression do we feel deserves to occupy a tip mark on a tier list? Why?

Mr. ConCon: If we’re simply looking during support information and options of a characters, Bayonetta yet a doubt. She does not have any losing compare ups or bad stages.

If we’re looking during potential, we consider there’s atleast 5-8 characters who can be a best in a game. It simply comes down to a tip players putting in a time to make their impression a best.

AdaptiveTrigger: What are Luigi’s strengths?
Mr. ConCon: His strengths are his violent combo diversion and gimping ability. You contingency be means to crush quick to entirely use Luigi’s strengths.

AdaptiveTrigger: What are Luigi’s weaknesses?

Mr. ConCon: While he has a good combo game, yet a good crush his liberation is so telegraphed when he’s offstage that many learned players can gimp him easily.

A impression with so many traction has to rest on powershields to successfully get in.

AdaptiveTrigger: What are Luigi’s fitting compare ups that are a many applicable to a contest scene?

Mr. ConCon: Fox and Diddy. Both characters are easy to combo and gimp.

AdaptiveTrigger: What are Luigi’s difficult compare ups?

Mr. ConCon: Luigi can onslaught opposite Rosalina and Megaman (or other zoning characters). If we can’t mash, you’re going to have a bad time.

AdaptiveTrigger: Among Luigi’s bad compare ups, that impression is Luigi’s misfortune compare up? Why?

Mr. ConCon: Bayonetta and Mewtwo are by far. They simply surpass Luigi’s moves and approaches. Luigi has to dedicate to an proceed while Mewtwo and Bayonetta have protected zoning.

AdaptiveTrigger: You are typically deliberate to be a best Luigi player. What do we consider we do differently that separates we from other Luigi players?

Mr. ConCon: we have many years of use carrying played in one of a many built regions in a universe (SoCal) and have grown a low bargain for a capabilities of a character. Everything feels second inlet to me when we play Luigi.

AdaptiveTrigger: Do we consider it is value it to play Luigi over Mario? What advantages does Luigi move to a list that Mario does not?

Mr. ConCon: we consider both characters have their strengths and weaknesses yet we eventually cite to play as Luigi. He is means to combo characters in a approach that can lead to an present genocide off of a good review (Ending in a storm gimp for example).

AdaptiveTrigger: Patch 1.1.1 brought about a series of changes for Luigi by stealing squeeze kill confirms during late percentages even yet Luigi wasn’t a best in a game. How did we understand these changes?

Mr. ConCon: These changes were indispensable to change a diversion yet it speedy dedicated mains of Luigi to plea themselves and be some-more innovated with how they play a character.

AdaptiveTrigger: If Luigi still functioned how he did before a changes from patch 1.1.1, where would Luigi’s tier position be currently compared to how he is now?

Mr. ConCon: Considering a further of DLC, it would be tough to contend for sure. we would theory during a really slightest Top 3.

AdaptiveTrigger: What do we feel is your biggest fulfilment in Super Smash Bros. for a Wii U is right now?

Mr. ConCon: My biggest fulfilment is being a initial chairman to take off a set from a best actor in a world, Zero.

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