Lucas goes large and goes home in Super Smash Bros. 4

June 17, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

First, a cosmetic changes. Lucas now has alt shirts that underline his dog Boney, a baby drago, and even Mother 3 antagonist The Masked Man. Again, if you’ve played Mother 3, that will all meant a lot some-more to you. we don’t wish to spoil anything, yet we consider it’s satisfactory to contend that saying Lucas in that final shirt is a lot like saying Luke Skywalker lounging around in a Darth Vader bath robe. It cool, yet also a small creepy if we consider about it for too long. 

As for how Lucas plays, he seems to have all a same simple moves that he had in Brawl, yet many have seen extreme changes. PK Magnet, his down B, is now most bigger, comes out a lot faster, does some-more damage, and can reanimate Lucas a lot some-more than before. Absorbing a fireball from Mario heals Lucas by about 12% now. It looks like he can usually reanimate a sum of 30% repairs or so per stock, yet some-more than that competence be adjacent on over powered, generally in light of how most some-more lethal this conflict is as an descent maneuver.

Lucas’s adult pound also seems to have a incomparable strike box than it used to, roving over adult and out than before. It’s tough to contend if that’s only how it looks though, as Smash 4 is most some-more adorned than Brawl in general. We’re also conference that his wire lizard throw/tether has longer strech than it used to, yet he can’t seem to use it to squeeze opponents in a air. It also looks like he can’t combo for as many hits with his neutral air. 

So that’s a small about how Lucas looks in Smash Bros. 4. PK Magnet seems to have gotten a biggest clean in his arsenal so far, and a rest of his moves seem plain adequate to keep him competitive. Sadly, he’s already been criminialized from EVO, so we won’t see how contest turn players hoop him there, yet I’m certain it won’t be prolonged before some veteran Smash 4 actor shows us some-more of what Lucas has to offer. 

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