Long-Running Smash Bros. Weekly Hosts One Last Tournament …

February 25, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

Smash @ Xanadu has been one of a Super Smash Bros. most important weeklies for years, though this weekend will be a finish of an era. Xanadu will be shutting a doors after a final hurrah: one some-more Smash Bros. tournament.

Dubbed Xanadu: End Of An Era, both a Smash 4 and Melee events this weekend will underline large names like Nairo, Mr. E, ChuDat, and Hax alongside a internal talent pool in Arbutus, Maryland, during a Xanadu Games store.

Matthew “Aposl” Lofton and Calvin “GimR” Lofton, co-founders of VGBootCamp, made a proclamation that Xanadu would be shutting final month on VGBC’s YouTube channel. The group had been hosting a weeklies during Xanadu for years, and took over a store with Matthew as manager 3 years ago. But as he says, all good things contingency come to an end.

The video doesn’t finish on a green note, however. “We are now operative on a partnership that will lead to something even bigger and better,” pronounced Matthew Lofton. “But we don’t have a papers sealed yet, so we don’t wish to make any promises during this point.”


In a follow-up review with me today, Calvin said that a owners of a space wanted another dual years, while a Loftons are looking to grow.

“Xanadu strike a expansion ceiling,” Lofton told Compete. “We unequivocally wish to assistance grow a internal Smash Bros. and fighting diversion scenes. We were fine with coasting while looking for a partner or another venue though a landlords wanted us to pointer a two-year lease. That’s distant too prolonged and gives us no room to grow. We even had to put a top on this final eventuality since a space wasn’t large enough. The franchise we’re on right now ends during a finish of Feb so that’s because we’re finale when we are.”

Calvin also teased on a r/smashbros subreddit currently that a special video competence be entrance after a contest is over. In a meantime, this is a good event to applaud a bequest of what competence have been one of a first-ever weeklies for Smash Bros.


At Xanadu, there were proposals. There were pop-offs. There were heartwarming tales of a child going to his initial Smash Bros. tournament ever.

Whatever VGBC is formulation subsequent for a Maryland scene, it’s value holding a time to delight a internal contest scenes. As a industrial erect of esports grows bigger and bigger around us, it’s good to remember that it all started in a grassroots, down in tournaments like Smash @ Xanadu.

You can follow a day’s movement over during a VGBootCamp Twitch channel.

Update [2/25, 11:20 a.m. ET]: A video shown during a finish of a Xanadu contest suggested that it will be relocating to a new locality during Laurel Park. The new venue will be 3 times a distance of a aged one, and weeklies will start behind adult Mar 26.


(Nice use of a ABBA track, too.)

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