Lego, ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Super Smash Brothers’ trending toys in Massachusetts

December 18, 2014 - Super Smash Bros

Lego Systems Inc. has a domicile in Enfield, Connecticut, though Lego toys are during a tip of a trending list here in Massachusetts, according to online auction site eBay.

The site has a state-by-state interactive map of trending toys for a holidays. In a Bay State, Lego Minifigures are series one, followed by a video games “Call of Duty Advanced Warfare” and “Super Smash Bros.”

In Connecticut, a series one trending fondle is a pressed animal WebkinzSparkle Harp Seal, a “Call of Duty” diversion and “Magic a Gathering 2012 Core Set Booster Pack,” that is a roll-playing label game.

The folks during eBay also expelled Wednesday a formula of a consult of Massachusetts residents. Here are a results, by a numbers:

  • $687.70 – normal volume people devise to spend on holiday gifts
  • 95 percent contend removing a good understanding is important
  • 17 – normal series of gifts people devise to buy
  • People need to buy gifts for 9 people on average
  • People will spend a many on children ($277.90), poignant others ($151.50) and relatives ($74.40)
  • 35 percent report themselves as a courteous holiday shopper, forward of thrifty, extemporaneous and planned
  • 40 percent are expected to buy something for themselves – instead of a target they had in mind
  • More than one-third – 35 percent – cruise they’ll squeeze holiday gifts on their tablets or smartphones while in bed
  • 35 percent devise to do their holiday in a morning between 10 and 11
  • 65 percent will cruise holding one day off from work to get their holiday selling finished .

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