Leffen on being behind in Smash after visa hell

November 30, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

“You know, we always aim for initial yet given my interregnum we knew we couldn’t design winning it easily.” says Leffen, shortly after descending in a reduce joint finals during DreamHack Winter. “I unequivocally felt like we could have finished it yet I’m still a bit rusty and after a unequivocally unsatisfactory winner’s detriment opposite Armada – we mislaid that flattering terribly – we got myself together, didn’t overthink things and kick mang0 with a important display opposite Hungrybox.”

This wasn’t a initial time he’d faced possibly of his associate Gods in a year given he was refused a visa to a US. Occasional bouts outward of a States, such as GOML, kept him in a diversion progressing on in a year, as good as one or dual attended on a proxy visa before his deportation. But a heartbreak of deportation on a eve of EVO 2016 was adequate to force a some-more permanent hiatus.

“There were some European tournaments yet for me it was so severe to play here, to take it so severely in Europe yet afterwards not be means to go to America,” Leffen says. “So what we did was we did that for a while and afterwards couldn’t take it mentally so we usually took a break. Even yet we could use a small bit, here in Europe, it was usually too severe mentally to keep personification yet never get to uncover it off on a large stage. Since America is still where a biggest tournaments are, we waited until we got my visa reliable before we started practicing again.”

For Leffen, this was a critical setback, something he is still recuperating from, yet swell is utterly rapid. Finishing 17th during his initial large Stateside eventuality (The Big House 6) after receiving a P-1A athlete’s visa, and ninth during Smash Summit 3 during a start of a month, he’s adult to third now with usually Hungrybox and Armada above him – burst to 3:50 in a video next to see him take on mang0 final weekend.

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