KJH shines during Combo Breaker 2018

May 28, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

Melee during Combo Breaker 2018 was a ideal instance of a fad that occurs when nothing of a game’s normal “gods” are present, featuring 3 top-20-level players squaring off opposite a built margin of Midwestern talent. Unlike past iterations of Combo Breaker, however, a margin emerged victorious, with Kalindi “KJH” Henderson squeaking out a 3-2 grand finals win over James “Swedish Delight” Liu to secure attainment from a winner’s side of a bracket.

No Smash gods, no problem – Midwest talent staid to gleam during Combo Breaker

Midwestern talent is staid to make a dash during Combo Breaker this year, though Southern California’s S2J is anticipating to make a ultimate upset.

Though Combo Breaker 2018 was not KJH’s initial contest attainment over Swedish Delight and fortifying champion James “Duck” Ma — that eminence goes to Apollo, a New York City informal during a commencement of final year — it is arguably his many prestigious contest win, with SSBMRank top-10 actor Johnny “S2J” Kim’s participation adding even some-more weight to a victory. With 3 uninterrupted wins over SSBMRank top-20 talent, KJH’s Combo Breaker run is an considerable plume for a shawl of a Michigan Fox main.

As for S2J, Combo Breaker was nonetheless another muted outcome for a renouned Captain Falcon main. Though he tweeted before a eventuality that he still felt able of personification during a top-10 level, S2J unsuccessful to broach on this promise, losing a winner’s quarterfinals set opposite hometown favourite Michael “Michael” Rollberg, a Jigglypuff categorical who done a brief list for final year’s SSBMRank before winning a National Arcadian in March. Despite a clever start from S2J, a Californian seemed increasingly jarred by Michael’s studious and strangely rest-free play character as a set progressed, eventually losing his final batch due to an brash overextension.

S2J’s woes continued in loser’s side of Top 8, where he forsaken a set-winning edge-guard to remove to Charlie “AbsentPage” McKinley for a seventh-place finish. To AbsentPage’s credit, a Minnesota No. 1 took his attainment and ran with it, going on to better Duck 3-0 in loser’s quarterfinals. The stoic Fox categorical proceeded to close out Michael in loser’s semifinals before his rejecting during a hands of Swedish Delight in loser’s finals.

Though AbsentPage was ranked 74th on final year’s SSBMRank, he has spent a past few months demonstrating that his ranking for a initial half of 2018 will roughly certainly tumble within a tip 30. Though he didn’t win Combo Breaker, he successfully walked divided from a weekend with dual top-20 victories to supplement to a résumé already built with considerable wins over such players as Swedish Delight, Jack “Crush” Hoyt and Ryan “La Luna” Coker-Welch.

The event’s tip 6 was dull out by long-lived Midwestern tip actor Drew “Drephen” Scoles, who finished in fifth place by approach of a attainment over Avery “Ginger” Wilson. After losing a winner’s quarterfinals compare to Swedish Delight 3-2, Ginger’s run finished during seventh place, a rather unsatisfactory display for a overworked Falco player.

When this year’s ranking time comes around, KJH’s numbers are certain to be increased by his Combo Breaker attainment — after all, commanding a towering of Midwest hitters featuring luminaries from both coasts is no tiny feat. Though a tournament’s tip seeds stumbled, their waste came during a hands of clever up-and-coming competitors, portion as a sign of a abyss of talent within a Melee scene. Both Duck and S2J are veterans of a scene, and they’ll be certain to dirt off their sticks and lapse in full force during whichever tournaments they select to attend next. But until then, KJH will be a reigning aristocrat of a Midwest.

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