Kermit is behind for some-more in Super Smash Bros.

August 13, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

Defeating a Saiyans was usually a beginning

Kermit a Frog is back. The Z fighters weren’t enough!

After destroying a entirety of a Xenoverse, Kermit is now looking to destroy a area of video games in Super Smash Bros. and has already stolen Ryu’s move-set to accomplish this. With Smash still not accessible on a Switch, it’s good to see a village keep it uninformed on a modding side of things.

The mod/skin includes:

  • Kermit Model
  • Kermit SFX
  • Recolors
  • UI (CSPs, BPs, batch icons, and etc.)
  • Custom Series Emblem
  • Announcer Call
  • Victory Theme
  • Boxer Alias

This Kermit mod/skin was combined by a series of GameBanana users: TheRealHeroOfWinds, nanobuds, smb123w64gb, Scorpob, KingJigglypuff, DoctorFlux(mariodk), JoeT.E., Shonix, Jay, NathanaelPlatier, SeanHicksArt, and “Whoever Created BAND-AID® Magic Vision.”

How does he demeanour in movement this time around? we don’t consider it’s as interesting as a mod for Xenoverse 2 in terms of absurdity. I’ll acknowledge though, a combined recolors for multiplayer, feat theme, and voice-over are brilliant. Hearing Ryu’s hadouken with a Kermit voice competence only put this skin on standard with a Xenoverse 2 mod for me.

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