Hungrybox Wins Battle Of The Five Gods ‘Smash Bros.’ Tournament: Watch His Jigglypuff Beat Mango’s Fox In …

March 20, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

After a exhausting three-day tournament, a leader of a Battle of a Five Gods is Team Liquid’s Hungrybox. In an impossibly exhilarated final, Hungrybox on Jigglypuff managed to kick out Mango’s famous Fox, winning both sets of games. Mango kick Armada in an even closer compare to get to a winners finals. The tournament, that took place during SxSW in Austin, pitted 20 of a best Super Smash Brothers players in a world, with 5 of them being deliberate “gods” for a $25,000 esteem pool. Hungrybox was one of those gods and took home $13,000 for winning a whole thing.

Hungrybox has had a tough though successful year. He won Dreamhack Winter 2015 and Pax South of this year. He has also struggled with being in a spotlight, revelation his fan bottom how he feels in a famous YouTube video . Regardless about how he feels about popularity, he can take honour in meaningful that he is one of a best Smash players in a world.

I don’t unequivocally know all a pointed nuances that make a actor that good during Super Smash Brothers. we only see characters zooming opposite a screen, violence any other into a commission pulp. What we do know is that this weekend’s contest was epic from start to finish. we have never been so preoccupied by a diversion we don’t even understand.

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